How to Create an Engaging Christmas Quiz Game?

Christmas is coming! Group entertainment can add to the festive atmosphere. For example, concerts, wine tastings, gatherings with friends, and exchanging gifts, etc. No matter what type of Christmas party you are about to have, it would be good to have fun quiz games for everyone, which will help to increase the festive atmosphere. Whether it’s an online or offline event, quiz maker can help you create engaging Christmas quiz games.

Select tool

quiz maker

The creation of a Christmas quiz game should be simple. After the participants answer the questions, they need to be rewarded according to their scores. Creating online quizzes just got easier with Online Exam Maker.

  • The operation interface is simple, and users can use it online without downloading.Participants do not need to register for an account, they just click on the test link to enter the quiz game.
  • Users can create various types of test questions to add fun to the quiz game.
  • After the quiz game is over, users can check the ranking of participants in Online Exam Maker.

Questions about the quiz

Christmas quiz

Online Exam Maker supports users to create various types of test questions, which can enrich the content of test questions. Here are some questions you can add to your quiz game.

  1. When was the first Christmas ever held?
  2. What are the traditional colors of Christmas decorations?
  3. Who was the first to use the Christmas tree?
  4. In which country is poinsettia called “the Flower of the Holy Night”?
  5. What was the original name of Santa Claus?

Start creating

  1. Preparing test questions in advance is the key to quick creation.Upload the test questions to Online Exam Maker in batches to create a free question bank.
  2. Create a quiz. The test system will randomly select different types of questions.
  3. Set parameters. This step is useful for establishing rules for the quiz.
  4. Automatic scoring. After the quiz game is over, the test system will automatically analyze the test results.

Start quiz game

Participants can enter the quiz by simply clicking on the link of the quiz game, without downloading any software or registering an account. After the quiz game starts, the organizer needs to keep the question answering place quiet.

Issue award

In Online Exam Maker, the scores of all participants will be analyzed automatically. The organizer can issue rewards to the participants according to the ranking.


Christmas is a major festival for people in many countries and regions. As technology develops, creating quiz games will become easier and easier. The quiz game is also one of the entertainment methods that add to the festive atmosphere.