How Online Exam Tools Help Secondary School Exams Go Online

Exams are conducted regularly in secondary schools. Frequently conducting offline exams will cost a lot. Therefore, online testing is the best exam solution. As a provider of online testing tools, we will tell you in this article how the testing system will help secondary schools shift towards online exam.

Easier to conduct exams

The development of technology has made it possible to conduct the whole examination online. There are two versions for Online Exam Maker, SaaS version and LAN version. The former supports the whole process of examination online such as preparation of test questions, creation of test papers, candidate registration, official examination, correction of test papers and examination data analysis.

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The functions of quiz maker are constantly updated and optimized, so the steps of conducting online exams will be continuously simplified. For example, these features in Online Exam Maker can help test organizers reduce labor input.

Import questions in batches: Test organizers can import a large number of questions at once when preparing for the test.

Intelligent anti-cheating detection: The examination system will automatically detect the candidate’s examination behavior during the exam.

Automatically correct test papers: After candidates submit test papers, the test system will automatically correct multiple-choice questions, matching questions and other objective types of questions.

Exam data analysis: After all exam papers are marked, exam administrators can view all exam data about the exam.

More powerful anti-cheating functions

Anti-cheating functions in Online Exam Maker can effectively deal with several cheating methods commonly used by students. For example, the screen switching limit will limit the number of times candidates can switch screens; full screen mode exams prohibit the use of third-party devices or communication software such as WhatsApp or other software that may be used for cheating. The intelligent anti-cheating detection will not only detect the test-taking behavior of candidates, but also send cheating warnings to candidates who are suspected of cheating.

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more anti-cheating functions

More convenient to take online exams

In addition to allowing exam organizers to create exams online, candidates are allowed to take exams online. They only need to click on the test link sent by the test organizer to enter the test. In order to make it more convenient for candidates to answer the questions, when answering the essay questions, candidates can write the answers on paper first, and then take pictures of the answers and upload them to the test system.

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Higher cost performance

Conducting exams online saves paper and venue rental costs, while also reducing labor input. Online Exam Maker offers friendly subscription plan, that is monthly, quarterly or yearly subscriptions. You will get access to our quiz maker to conduct a cost-effective online quiz at the best price.

It is reasonable and beneficial to shift towards online exams for secondary schools. As a middle school teacher, if you need to regularly conduct exams for candidates, please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page to experience the exam functions of the exam system for free.