How many Methods do You Know about Corporate Training?

Corporate training is an activity that every company will carry out. It plays an important role in the long-term development of the enterprise. There are many ways for companies to carry out training, and different companies can choose different training methods according to the training needs of their employees. Do you know the following training methods commonly used by companies?

Teaching method

This is a traditional training method and is generally used for offline training. It is convenient for trainers to control the entire training process, but employees have no way to test their own training results.

Audio-visual technology method

Trainers use visual and auditory methods to train employees. Like the teaching method, this training method is often used for offline training, and the cost of training is more higher.

Case study method

Trainers provide employees with relevant background information, and employees can discuss the specific topic. This method can train employees to solve problems, but employees cannot learn complete training knowledge from this training.

Group interaction

This method is often used to train the interpersonal relationship of managers, allowing managers to improve their ability to handle interpersonal relationships through personal experience in training activities. But they cannot learn complete knowledge, nor can they test the results of their learning.

Online training method

It means employees do not need to arrive at the designated location to participate in the training, saving time for employees and training costs for the company. When companies conduct online training, they can use the online exam system to reduce the workload of trainers. Such as Online Exam Maker, it can provide examination services for corporate training. After the training, employees can do relevant test questions to consolidate the knowledge they have learned. At the same time, the results of the exam can also be used as feedback on the effectiveness of employee training. Enterprise online training can be conducted in many ways, depending on the format of the courseware and test questions uploaded by the trainer. These training materials will be stored in the training system to ensure their safety.

online exam system

For enterprises, online training is the trend of future training. Because the online exam system makes training more cost-effective. After training, trainers can participate in online exams created by the company, which guarantees the effectiveness of employee training. If you are also interested in company online training, please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page for more details.