How do Smart Teaching Tools Motivate Students to Study Hard?

In the past, teachers in many schools taught by using textbooks and other simple teaching tools. However, this teaching method is difficult to meet the teaching needs. For example, for students, some complex knowledge points are difficult to understand without the support of data, and it is difficult for students to find out their weak knowledge points, etc. Ineffective teaching methods and learning methods can easily make students lose their enthusiasm for learning, resulting in a drop in performance.

With the development of the Internet and computer technology, various new technologies can be applied to teaching. How can teachers use smart teaching tools to mobilize the enthusiasm of students?

Knowledge combing

For some difficult knowledge, the best way is to let students understand this part of the knowledge before class. Teachers can create courses for students before class on Online Exam Maker. It is easy to operate. Teachers need to create courseware, then upload the courseware to the learning platform of Online Exam Maker. Finaly, the courseware can be inserted into the chapters of the course.

Test before class

When students finish the preview course, they will have a preliminary understanding of the new lesson. At this time, teachers can create a test in the online exam system–Online Exam Maker. When stidents finish the test in the system, teachers can summarize the knowledge that need to be explained in the formal class.

Repeated learning

In order for the students to watch the course repeatedly after the class, teacher can upload the courseware used in the class to the learning platform of Online Exam Maker, so that the students can study the course repeatedly even at home.

After-class homework

Homework is one of the most effective ways to test students’ learning outcomes. After submitting the post-test, students can view the answers and explanations of the questions, so that students can solve the wrong questions in time. In addition, teacher can make the feature of ranking list available, which will motivate students’ desire for high scores.

Reasonable use of new technologies in teaching can improve students’ interest in learning, thereby improving the quality of learning. Although Online Exam Maker is an online exam system based on examination, the learning platform can also meet the teaching needs of schools. Please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page to experience Online Exam Maker for free.