How can Students Learn Happily?

People are born with curiosity about unknown stuff, but thinking is the opposite of instinct. For students, repetitive learning is boring, they don’t have fun in learning. Compared with their mobile phones, the phones are more interesting. However, many parents are very disgusted with the behavior of children playing with mobile phones, because they think that children are not interested in learning when they are addicted to playing with mobile phones. In fact, a smart device is just a tool. In the new era, parents and teachers can use smart devices to make students love to learning.

At present, many schools use online exam systems to conduct online examinations, but the examination system is not only the function of organizing examinations. Take a powerful Chinese examination system which is called Online Exam Maker as an example.

online exam system

Prize quizzes

Teachers can create prize quizzes on this system. Teachers can import questions in batches. At the same time, the answering time for each question can be set to make the test more exciting. For the same test question, the system can support multiple people to participate in the answering game, allowing students to learn by playing games.

Points ranking

Teachers can set points when creating learning courses or exams. Students can get points after completing corresponding courses or passing exams, they can get some rewards based on the points, it will increase their enthusiasm for learning.


Teachers can customize certificate in the system. When students pass the exam, the system will issue certificates to students. This is an encouragement for students and makes students more confident in their studies.

In the era of rapid development of smart devices, Internet technology will provide new ideas for education. If you are also interested in the functions of the online exam system, please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page to have a try.