How do Companies Deal with the Difficulties in Recruitment?

The recruitment method in the new era has changed from offline recruitment to online recruitment, online recruitment methods have become more and more diversified. Many companies will encounter some problems when recruiting. For example, during the recruitment, the strength of candidates is difficult to distinguish. Some job seekers exaggerate their performance on their resumes because they are interested in a certain position; traditional recruitment will spend a lot of time, and some companies have only one HR to deal with a large number of job seekers, the results will take a long time to come out. At this time, the best candidate is likely to have been hired by your competitor. To solve these problems, companies should choose a recruitment method that can not only examine the true strength of the applicants but also quickly get the results of the recruitment. In my opinion, the best way is to allow job seekers to take online exams, technology will solve the difficulties in the recruitment.

As a professional quiz maker, Online Exam Maker is not only used in school exams, but also used by more and more companies for employee training and recruitment. Facing the difficulties encountered by companies in recruitment, how can Online Exam Maker help companies solve the above problems?

quiz maker

  1. HR can create online exams onOnline Exam Maker. It only need to upload test questions, create test papers, improve test paper settings and publish test papers to complete the creation of test papers.
  2. When the exam is over, the system will automatically correct questions with fixed answers. In order to get test results faster, test papers can be assigned to multiple administrators for correction.
  3. After the correction, the system will automatically analyze the candidates’ examination results. HR can see the examination data of each candidate in the back-end of the system, so that HR can select the suitable candidates for further understanding.

When the exam is over, HR can judge whether the applicant’s ability meets the company’s requirements based on the result of the exam, so that only a part of the applicant can enter the next round of interview. At the same time, the examination and correction of test questions through the quiz maker shortened the time for companies to initially select talents. If you also want to shorten the recruitment time, please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page to experience the system.