How do Companies Conduct Online Recruitment?

Recruitment is the basic requirement of enterprise production and long-term development. For companies, online recruitment can obtain more information and more options. In addition, the online recruitment platform can classify job applicants according to industry, position, etc., the companies can select employees according to their needs. Recruitment information can be released through multiple channels, and the released information can cover the world. So how to launch an online recruitment to improve the company’s recruitment efficiency?

Post information

Companies can develop multiple reliable platforms for posting recruitment information, so that more job seekers can see the company’s recruitment information. At present, job seekers can communicate directly with recruiters, which improves work efficiency.

Select suitable candidates

Companies can create a test question for each position, and job seekers can participate in the test by clicking on the test paper link posted by the recruiter. Many companies use an online exam system called Online Exam Maker to create test questions.

  1. After sign in to Online Exam Maker, HR can fill in the test paper information, add test questions, improve the setting of the test paper, and publish the test paper to successfully create a test paper.
  2. Job seekers can clickthe test paper link shared by HR to directly participate in the online exam. It can avoid candidates taking offline exams and save time.
  3. There are a variety of anti-cheating functions in thesystem to ensure the fairness of the recruitment exam. For example, face recognition, screen switching limit, intelligent anti-cheating detection, etc. These functions can ensure the authenticity of the candidate’s identity and test results.
online exam system

test sharing

Invite interview

After the exam, HR can check the test scores of each candidate in the back-end, and notify them to conduct an interview based on the candidate information collected by the system.

online exam system

data analysis

Online recruitment can help companies select suitable candidates in a short time, reducing the workload of HR. If you are also interested in online recruitment, please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page to experience the online exam system for free.