How can Cheating Record Resolve the Disputes in Online Exam?

Disputes between test organizers and test takers are common after an exam is over. Especially in online exams, where the proctor is not with the test taker, which makes it easy for disputes to arise over cheating issues. So what’s the best way to resolve disputes in online exams? As a professional online exam system, the following solution is from Online Exam Maker.

What cheating behaviors will be detected?

In Online Exam Maker, candidates will be identified if they have the following behaviors.

online exam system

anti-cheating settings

  1. Look around.
  2. Read aloud or speak aloud.
  3. Candidates disappear on the monitor screen.
  4. People who are not candidates appear on the screen.
  5. Candidates bow their heads for a long time
  6. Switch screens
  7. Many times of exam interruptions

How does the exam system record cheating?

The webcam in the online exam system is very important, it is the only way to detect and record the cheating behavior of candidates. During the exam, if candidates have any cheating behaviors above, the system will automatically send a cheat warning to the candidate. Invigilators can view the cheating records of candidates in the monitoring background. After the test, the cheating behavior of the test taker will be recorded in the test record.

online exam system

cheating records

In addition to the textual descriptions about the candidates cheating in the test records, there are also pictures of the candidates cheating captured by the system. These are all valid evidences that can be used to prove that the test taker cheated, and it is difficult for the candidate to deny his cheating.

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