How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Online Testing: Revolution in Education

With the development of artificial intelligence technology, it has been applied in more and more fields, including education. In online examinations, the application of artificial intelligence technology has become a popular trend. Online examinations have become an indispensable examination method in various industries, so for school education, how will artificial intelligence change online examinations.

Application of Artificial Intelligence in Online Exams

The application of artificial intelligence technology in online exams can be reflected in the use of online quiz maker. The multiple examination functions of the online examination system benefit from the development of AI technology, which brings great convenience to people.

  • Automatic marking of test papers

The development of artificial intelligence technology has made online exam marking faster. The test paper correction of the online exam system can automatically identify and check the candidates’ answers. Basically all the answers can be corrected by the system, which greatly improves the accuracy and speed of test paper correction.

  • Examination security

Cheating is common in online exams. AI technology can be used in exam security, such as facial recognition, voice print recognition, which can ensure the identity of candidates and prevent cheating.

  • Intelligent monitoring

AI technology can monitor the behavior of candidates during the exam, such as using cameras and microphones to detect whether candidates are cheating.

  • Adaptive testing

AI technology can adjust the difficulty of the test according to the performance of the students, so that each student can get a test that is suitable for their level.

  • Data Analysis

Examination data can be analyzed using AI technology, such as evaluating the performance of students, identifying weaknesses and strengths in the exam, so as to develop better teaching plans.

  • Smart recommendation

According to students’ answers and historical records, AI technology can intelligently recommend relevant learning materials and practice questions to improve students’ learning effects.

AI technology brings changes to education

The application of AI technology in online exams shows that AI is not only a change for online exams, but also for the whole education industry. Other applications of AI technology in the education industry, such as smart tutoring, smart teaching, and learning analytics, can save teachers a lot of time in education management.

Problems need to be paid attention to in the application of AI technology

  • Data privacy

Online exams require the collection of data such as candidates’ personal information and test answers, which may contain sensitive information. Therefore, measures need to be taken to protect the privacy of candidates’ data.

  • Exam Difficulty

In online exams, artificial intelligence technology can dynamically adjust exam difficulty based on the exam situation to ensure the fairness and accuracy of the exam. However, this may also lead to exams that are too easy or too difficult, so a reasonable trade-off needs to be made in terms of exam difficulty control.

  • Stability

Online examinations need to ensure the stability and reliability of the system to ensure the smooth running of the examination process. It needs to be well prepared in terms of system design and operation to avoid problems such as system crashes or data loss.


As an emerging online quiz maker, Online Exam Maker provides users with a variety of exam services and its AI exam feature reduces manual input, making online exams easy and fast to conduct. Artificial intelligence technology is not only used in online exams, but will also be used in more aspects of the education industry in the future.