How are Cheaters Detected in Online Exams?

Online exams bring convenience to test organizers and test takers, with exams being conducted and participated in online. However, there are more and more cheaters in online exams because of the lack of invigilators next to candidates, which is unfair to other candidates. As a supplier of online exam system, Online Exam Maker have provided exam services for many schools, enterprises, etc. This passage will let you know how cheaters are detected in online exams?

Failed to verify identification

In Online Exam Maker, there is only one account for each candidate, the account cannot be logged in at the same time in different places. Candidates need to perform face recognition before entering the test, and only those who successfully pass the face recognition can enter the exam. There are many reasons for the failure of the candidate’s identity verification, such as dim light around candidates during face recognition, identity information cannot be matched, etc. Face recognition before the exam can effectively prevent others from taking part in the exam instead of the candidate.

online exam system

Abnormal exam behaviors

During the exam, the invigilator will observe the candidate’s exam behavior in real time through the video captured by the webcam. Such behaviors in the exam will be paid more attention. Switching screens, look around frequently, etc. The exam system will automatically record the above suspected cheating behaviors. If the invigilator finds other cheating behaviors of the candidates, they can take screenshots to record them or send cheating warnings to the candidates.

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Noisy around test takers

To prevent candidates from seeking help from others during the exam, the feature of sound sensitivity detection in Online Exam Maker will be enabled. If it is noisy environment around test takers, they will receive a cheat warning from the test system.

The development of the online exam system not only simplifies the steps to carry out the examination, but reduces the cheating rate, and the exam results will be more and more convincing. If you also need to conduct a fair online exam, please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page to try the exam functions in Online Exam Maker for free.