Utility Tools for Online Tests and Exercises

Conducting exams offline remains a big challenge for schools due to the covid-19 pandemic. It is not safe to conduct offline exams for both students and teachers. Thus, an online exam system is needed to organize online tests and exercises. Are there any utility tools for online exams and tests? Here is the solution provided by Online Exam Maker.

Online Exam Maker is a professional online examination system developed for exam creation and delivery. In Online Exam Maker, users can import students’ information in batches and manage them by category, such as class, subject, etc. Online Exam Maker also has other useful functions.

Question Bank

Users can develop a question bank in Online Exam Maker by import the existing questions in batches into the system. The questions can be managed by category in system to prepare for creating an online exam.

Exam Creation

It takes four simple steps to create an exam in Online Exam Maker: fill in basic information; select questions; add settings and release the exam. After the exam is created, the link or QR code of the exam can be shared to the students.

Powerful Anti-Cheating Features

Powerful anti-cheating features, like switching screen limit, interruption limit, full screen mode, no copying or pasting, face recognition, surveillance camera and intelligent anti-cheating monitoring, are provided by Online Exam Maker.

Auto Grading

When it comes to objective question, the system will do the grading as soon as the answer sheets are handed in by the students, which relieve teachers from heavy grading job. As for subjective questions like essay questions, “grade by keywords” can be set up. Therefore, the system will grade it by keywords. The administrator can also grade manually.

Statistical Analysis

Rich statistical analysis is also provided by Online Exam Maker, including the average score, correct answer rate, wrong answer rate, pass rate, fail rate, candidate’s score and rankings, etc. . Users can export candidates’ reports, exam records and candidates’ answers for use.

Except for the features listed above, there are also many more other useful features provided by Online Exam Maker so if you are interested in it, you can have a try.

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