Is there any online exam software that can create the exam registration system?——Online Exam Maker

An intelligent exam registration system can effectively meet the needs of schools, enterprises and government agencies.

Online Exam Maker deserves to be recommended

With the help of the online exam software, Online Exam Maker, the recruitment and examination works from kindergarten to university can be arranged easily. All you need to do is register an online test system account and the online exam registration can be organized. Then it is available for candidates for the exam  to undertake examination and study. If you don’t already have an account of Online Exam Maker, you can register  for free.

The detailed steps for creating an exam registration system are as follows:

Enter the personnel management page by clicking 【Students】 in the menu bar on the left, then you can quickly create a registration group, so that candidates directly sign up to the group. Students can also be divided into different groups in terms of subjects and grades and so on.

The first step: Fill in the registration information. You can customize the title of the exam and the description information, or even the “Register” button is user-defined.

The second step: Select the information that candidates need to fill in for the  registration. For example, name, ID card, student number, and so on, the candidates need to fill in to complete the registration.

The third step: Select the theme. According to different subjects, the registration system can select different themes to form personalized pages.

The fourth step: Set the parameters for registration. The administrator can set the number of  the students and registration deadline of the test, as well as the prompt that the test registration time has passed. Not only that, but you can also set whether candidates need to pay to register.

The fifth step:Publish the registration. Just send the QR code or link generated automatically by the sharing system to the candidates through social software, and then they can scan or click to complete the online registration.

In the sign up forms, you can see weekly or monthly registrations. The candidates’ detailed information can also be consulted. If you set up a paid registration, you can see the registration proceeds. Click the withdraw button to withdraw the benefit money.

With such a complete and powerful registration system, Online Exam Maker allows organizations to meet the needs of online exams. Online Exam Maker will be your best choice and just sign up for an account for free!