Authenticity of Exams Conducted based on Virtual Exam Systems

Online exam is a more popular method for conducting exams. However, many candidates are skeptical about its authenticity. They were curious about how the exam was conducted. As the provider of the online exam system, we will tell you the process of conducting the online examination and the authenticity of the examination.

Authenticity of online exam

It seems that there are not any exam organizers of online exams, because all exam steps are completed online, there will be no meeting between candidate and examiner. Online exams are real. These steps are needed in an online exam. Collect test questions, create exam paper, online invigilation, exam correction, and data analysis. It is obvious that conducting online exams can shorten the exam cycle, and candidates can obtain exam results in a shorter period of time. It means that online exam is not only an effective form of exam, but also make it more convenient to conduct exam with the help of technology.

Authenticity of invigilators

Some candidates may think that during an online exam, all that appears before their eyes is a smart device and an exam paper online and there are no invigilators. It can even say that they are fictional characters created by the test organizer to prevent candidates from cheating. In fact, invigilators for online exams are real. They monitor test-takers’ behavior through webcams, and they send cheating warnings to candidates who are suspected of cheating. All cheating will be recorded in the exam system.

online exam system

online proctoring in exam system

Authenticity of test scores

After the exam, exam system will automatically correct the objective type questions in the test paper, which will reduce the error of manual correction of the test paper. In addition, the exam papers need to be corrected in the online exam system will be randomly assigned to multiple examiners. The staff cannot see the names of candidates during the correction, which is beneficial to ensure the fairness of the test.

online exam system

candidate’s report

All steps in online exams can be completed online, which greatly shortens the exam cycle. If you also want to know more about the process of conducting online exams, please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page to experience conducting online exams for free.