8 Intelligent Job Knowledge Assessment Tools for HR Managers

A job knowledge assessment is a process used to evaluate an individual’s understanding, proficiency, or expertise in specific aspects of a job or profession. It is often utilized to determine whether an individual possesses the required knowledge and competencies to perform effectively in a particular role. Such assessments can be used in a variety of contexts, including recruitment, promotion, training, and professional certification.

The Types of Job Knowledge Assessments

Written Examinations

These might include multiple-choice questions, short answers, or essay-type questions that test job-related knowledge.

Oral Examinations

An individual might be asked to respond to questions in an interview format to gauge their understanding and knowledge of job-specific topics.

Practical Examinations

In some professions, a hands-on test may be most relevant. For instance, a mechanic might be asked to repair an engine, or a chef might be required to prepare a dish.

Simulations and Scenarios

These are more immersive tests where the individual is put into a simulated job situation and evaluated on how they handle it.

Computer-based Tests

With advancements in technology, many job knowledge assessments have moved online, offering adaptive testing and instant feedback.

Portfolio Reviews

Especially in creative fields, an evaluation of past work can help assess a person’s knowledge and skill set.

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Why Job Knowledge Assessments Are Important?

Improving Hiring Decisions
Assessing a candidate’s job knowledge helps recruiters and hiring managers make informed decisions. When candidates are tested on job-specific knowledge, it’s easier to distinguish between those who are truly qualified and those who might not be the right fit for the role.

Identifying Training Needs
For existing employees, job knowledge assessments can highlight areas where training or upskilling is needed. This ensures that employees get the support they need to perform their roles effectively.

Benchmarking Performance
Over time, assessments can help an organization track the knowledge levels of its staff. This allows for benchmarking performance against industry standards or comparing different departments or teams within the same organization.

Enhancing Employee Development
Employees can use feedback from these assessments to identify their strengths and areas for improvement. This can guide their personal and professional development efforts.

A Brief Comparison of The Top 8 Job Knowledge Assessment Tools

8 Best Job Knowledge Assessment Software for HR Managers

1. OnlineExamMaker

OnlineExamMaker is a powerful and user-friendly of job knowledge assessment software that allows trainers and HR managers to create interactive online quizzes and assessments to assess the knowledge and skills of employees. The software goes beyond traditional job assessments by focusing on talents and potential. Using the power of industrial/organizational psychology and AI, OnlineExamMaker measures an individual’s adaptability, knowledge, and work skills, among other soft skills.

OnlineExamMaker’s learning management system (LMS) empowers organizations to design, deliver, and track training programs seamlessly. With advanced features like interactive content creation, assessments, and analytics, businesses can develop engaging and result-oriented training modules for their employees.

• Focuses on soft skills, providing a holistic view of candidates.
• Uses advanced AI proctoring technologies to prevent cheating.
• Multiple question types, objective, subjective, and essay.
• User-friendly interface & simple-to-use.
• Webcam monitoring and process recording.
• Teamwork: create sub admins to work together.
• LMS Software: manage testing & learning in one place.
• Lower testing & training costs.
• Track learning results and measure success.

• New users might speed time to learn to use their LMS functions.

G2 Rating: 4.5/5
Pricing: Free. Subscription available for $17/month for Essential plan, $35/month for Professional plan, or $55/month for Premium plan.

Create Your Next Quiz/Exam with OnlineExamMaker

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100% data ownership

2. Talentsoft

Talentsoft is a leading cloud-based talent management software that offers a suite of applications to assist companies in recruiting, onboarding, performance evaluation, and training. Their assessment module is designed to evaluate employees’ skills, competencies, and job knowledge. With a user-friendly interface, managers and HR professionals can set up tailored assessments, gather actionable insights, and make data-driven decisions to enhance workforce productivity. Its integration capabilities make it a versatile choice for businesses aiming for a holistic talent management approach.

• Comprehensive talent management suite covering multiple HR needs.
• User-friendly interface that streamlines the assessment process.
• Integrates well with other tools, providing a seamless experience.

• Might be overwhelming for smaller businesses that only require a specific module.
• Steeper learning curve for complete suite utilization.
• Customization can be limited compared to standalone assessment tools.

G2 Rating: 4.2/5
Pricing: Contact for a price quote.

3. HireSelect

HireSelect by Criteria Corp is a pre-employment testing platform that offers a comprehensive suite of aptitude, personality, and skills tests. These tests are crafted based on rigorous scientific research, ensuring reliability and validity. The platform’s job-specific assessments aid companies in making informed hiring decisions by evaluating a candidate’s suitability for a role. Its intuitive dashboard and analytics tools provide insightful data, simplifying the selection process for HR professionals.

• Offers a wide range of scientifically validated tests.
• User-friendly dashboard with insightful analytics.
• Provides tests for a variety of job roles and industries.

• Some tests might not be deep enough for highly specialized roles.
• Platform UI may feel dated compared to newer competitors.
• Limited customization for branding or specific company needs.

Capterra Rating: 4.8/5
Pricing: Custom pricing.

4. Vervoex

Vervoe is an AI-powered skill testing platform designed to automate the candidate screening process. By assessing candidates based on how they do job-related tasks, it provides employers with a realistic view of how an individual will perform. This focus on performance over resumes ensures that the hiring process is more meritocratic. Vervoe’s library of assessments, which can be customized, allows companies to evaluate candidates on skills that are directly relevant to the job.

• AI-driven, ensuring efficiency in the candidate screening process.
• Performance-centric evaluations promote meritocratic hiring.
• Offers a vast library of customizable assessments.

• AI recommendations might not always align with human intuition.
• Might be more expensive than traditional testing solutions.
• Some users might experience a learning curve with its myriad features.

Capterra Rating: 4.5/5
Pricing: Free trial. PAY & GO, $228/year; SKILLS-BASED HIRING, custom; SKILLS VALIDATION VIA API, custom

5. Questionmark

Questionmark is a renowned assessment technology platform that provides tools for creating, delivering, and analyzing assessments. Its secure and scalable solution caters to various sectors, from education to enterprise and governmental organizations. The platform emphasizes defensibility and reliability, ensuring that assessments are valid and bias-free. With an array of integrations and features like proctoring, Questionmark is a comprehensive choice for many looking to measure job knowledge and skills.

• Secure and scalable, suitable for different organization sizes.
• Emphasizes defensibility and reliability in assessments.
• Offers features like proctoring for high-stakes exams.

• The interface may not be as modern as some competitors.
• Might be overkill for small businesses with limited assessment needs.
• Customization might require advanced technical know-how.

G2 Rating: 5.0/5
Pricing: Custom Price.

6. Codility

Specifically tailored for the tech industry, Codility is a platform that aids companies in assessing and training tech talent. It provides code evaluation tools, enabling employers to test programmers effectively. The software is designed to simulate real-world coding challenges, ensuring that assessments are job-relevant. It not only streamlines the tech recruitment process but also aids in identifying training needs among current employees.

• Specifically tailored for the tech industry, ensuring relevant tests.
• Simulates real-world coding challenges.
• Offers both assessment and training capabilities.

• Niche focus on tech might not be suitable for non-tech roles.
• Real-world simulations might be challenging for junior candidates.
• Price might be on the higher side for small businesses.

G2 Rating: 4.6/5
Pricing: Custom price quote.

7. eSkill

eSkill is a flexible and user-friendly pre-employment testing platform, known for its wide range of customizable tests. With over 600 standard tests, it offers evaluations on various topics, from IT to call center skills. Its video interviewing feature further enhances its value, enabling a comprehensive assessment of both hard and soft skills. eSkill emphasizes compliance, ensuring that its assessments are non-discriminatory and adhere to EEOC guidelines.

• Broad range of tests covering numerous skills and industries.
• Video interviewing feature enhances its assessment capabilities.
• Ensures compliance with EEOC guidelines.

• The interface might feel less modern compared to newer tools.
• Custom tests might require substantial time to set up.
• Some users might find the range of tests overwhelming.

G2 Rating: 4.5/5
Pricing: Custom pricing.

8. Gauge

Gauge is a comprehensive online testing platform that caters to businesses, educators, and governmental agencies. It offers tools for creating, delivering, and analyzing tests. Its cloud-based solution allows for scalability and accessibility, ensuring seamless test delivery anytime, anywhere. With features like proctoring, candidate tracking, and detailed analytics, Gauge aims to simplify the assessment process while maintaining integrity and validity.

• Comprehensive testing tools suitable for diverse users.
• Cloud-based platform ensures scalability.
• Detailed analytics provide deep insights into assessments.

• Might feel too generic and lack specificity for certain roles.
• The breadth of features could come with a learning curve.
• UI and UX might not be as intuitive as some niche-focused tools.

G2 Rating: Null
Pricing: For paid plans, $500/year for Standard plan, $4,750/year for Professional plan. If you want a tailored version for your enterprise, you need to contact Gauge for a custom price.

How to Create A Job Knowledge Assessment to Assess Employees?

Looking for a way to assess your employees’ skill or knowledge online on a budget? OnlineExamMaker makes it easy to create an auto-grading online assessment that will save you time and efforts.

Step 1: Open up OnlineExamMaker and go to its dashboard.

SAAS, free forever
100% data ownership

Step 2: Manage questions

Select “Import questions” to upload quiz questions in bulk via an Excel or Word document. You can also click “New question” button to create a new question from scratch.

Step 3: Manage staff accounts

You can edit staff account (username, password, gender) in an Excel template file, and upload it to OnlineExamMaker. Quiz organizers can create a register form and allow employees to create an account before attend the quiz.

Step 4: Create a new assessment, edit title, description, and upload quiz cover image, then add questions from Question Bank.

Step 5: Set quiz settings

Personalized quiz settings, including time limit, quiz theme, feedback, anti-cheating measures, and so on.

Step 6: Save & publish

Save quiz settings and release it. You can publish your exam privately to a select employee group, or allow anyone to access in a publish link or a registration page.

Job Knowledge Assessment Tool FAQ

What is a job knowledge assessment tool?
A job knowledge assessment tool is a resource designed to evaluate an individual’s understanding and proficiency in specific job-related tasks, skills, and knowledge areas.

Why is a job knowledge assessment tool important for hiring?
It helps employers gauge the extent to which candidates possess the required knowledge for a particular job, ensuring a better match between skills and job requirements.

What types of jobs can benefit from a job knowledge assessment tool?
Any job that requires specific knowledge, skills, or competencies, such as technical roles, managerial positions, or specialized functions, can benefit from this tool.

How is the assessment conducted?
The assessment can be conducted through various methods, including online quizzes, written tests, practical demonstrations, or a combination of these, depending on the nature of the job.

Can a job knowledge assessment tool be customized for different industries?
Yes, the tool can be tailored to suit the unique requirements of different industries, ensuring that the assessment aligns with the specific knowledge and skills needed for success in a particular field.

How is the content of the assessment created?
The content is typically developed by subject matter experts and professionals familiar with the job requirements. It may involve a review of job descriptions, industry standards, and best practices.

Is the job knowledge assessment tool only for hiring purposes?
While it is commonly used in the hiring process, it can also be utilized for employee training and development, performance evaluations, and identifying areas for improvement within the workforce.

How are results interpreted?
Results are typically analyzed in comparison to predefined benchmarks or standards. This helps in identifying candidates who meet or exceed the expected level of knowledge for the job.

Is the job knowledge assessment tool adaptable for remote hiring?
Yes, many tools are designed to be conducted online, making them suitable for remote hiring processes. Ensure that the platform used provides a secure and reliable environment for assessment.

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