8 Best Test Creation Software That Will Save You Time, Money, and Energy

The test is an essential process to assess the knowledge and skill of a person, evaluate their performances, and know the strength and weaknesses of the team, individual, or corporation. A test can also be used as a challenge or goal setter to know how much progress you have made. Lastly, a test can be done by any person for individual or school purposes; that is why it is essential to have a prepared quiz in an instant.

Testing is an integral part of showing progress to the previous you. So because of technology, the traditional way of making the quiz needs to be updated as all the things you need now are an internet connection, phone, laptop, and pc, and those are the test creation software. This test creation software has now saved us the time and energy in making the test itself, and there are now hundreds of software for test creation, so we handpicked the eight best test creation software that is both time and money-saving for you.


OnlineExamMaker is your all-in-one solution to every assessment or exam situation because of its tools and features. OnlineExamMaker lets you edit, make, and administer the test you have created, and you can also put monetization on it, making you earn an extra income for your test. The accessibility of OnlineExamMaker as well is top-notch as their app is either Web-based Online or a Lan version depending on what you need. Their Online version is accessible on any device; the only requirement is an internet connection.

• Advance Test Creation
• Ai Anti-cheat system
• Live and remote proctoring
• Integrated LMS
• Test and Course Monetization
• Secured and stable servers
• Automatic Grading with detail Report
• LAN and Online Version


ClassMarker is a well-known test creation software with an easy-to-use interface, customizable tools, and features for business, training, and educational assessments. ClassMarker has also been used thanks globally to it being run online; it is also used by Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and other well-known brands because of its simplistic but many features. It also has a free version saving you money while fully benefiting you with its features.

• Quiz setting options
• Quiz accessibility
• Trackable Quiz status
• Instant Quiz result with analysis insights
• Certification creation


ExamJet is a free online and downloadable test creation and management software. ExamJet gives complete and improved tools and features for your testing needs. It is also used a lot by teachers because of its straightforward approach to test creation, making it clear to use

• Valuable analyzed reports
• Create test and ability to publish
• Stable for simultaneous use
• Free downloadable versions


Moodle is an Open Source LMS used worldwide because of its secure and scalable software that hosts a lot of Features, including test creation software. An open-source LMS software can easily integrate any third-party platforms and plugins, making the experience better and smoother. Moodle is a popular choice among teachers because its feature and open-source system make engaging tests easier.

• Free downloadable version
• Easy to personalized
• Super friendly interface
• Large memory storage
• Simple and interactive test and activity creation
• Multi-language capability


QuizIzz is a desktop & mobile quiz creation software that can create and conduct quizzes uniquely by using an interactive and engaging tool that makes quizzes fun and enjoyable. Quizizz is famous for its gamification style of working and teaching lessons which helps in teaching more enjoyable. Along with its gamification system, Quizizz host lives videos and chat.

• Feedback system
• Gamification in quizzes and test
• Interactive tools and feature
• Auto grading with reporting and analytics


Quizlet is a free online learning tool with test creation famous for teaching, especially memorizing facts, because of its engaging style of testing. Quizlet’s style of testing is mainly filled with rich media like video and music, and its main kind is through flashcard solutions. With this, it became more interactive and engaging for both teachers to create and students to learn. It is online and web-based, meaning it can be used on any device.

• Customizable course system
• Unique style of testing
• Flashcard testing system
• Different teaching mode
• Engaging and interactive systems
• Fun and easy interface making it enjoyable to use

Ispring QuizMaker

iSpring QuizMaker is another famous tool creation software with multiple question types to choose from, in which you can add various types of media to increase engagement of quizzes. iSpring quiz maker is also famous for its mobile version, which they focus on making easy and accessible. iSpring QuizMaker is also a learning course system that adds to its versatility as a software

• Instant Feedback that can be customized
• Certification and licensing creation
• Learner course system
• Importable and exportable files system
• Great mobile app
• Detailed reporting with analytics
• Automated Grading and scoring
• Great assessment tools


ExamSoft is a subscription-based software that gives the best feature and tools at the right price. ExamSoft is also a long-running software that dates back to 1998 and has continued its growth with advanced tools and AI. Turnitin later acquired it in 2020, aiming to continue developing comprehensive assessments for educators and markets.

• 24/7 live support
• Learning courses with training tools that could be in person, live video, or documentation
• Flexible for third-party apps
• Certification and licensing maker
• Live and remote proctoring
• Advance Anti-cheat system


All the choices in the list are helpful, and they will save you a lot of time, effort, and money as they are affordable and hold many Features and tools. The outstanding Features in each software give them the edge over the competition as the best test creation software. But one sticks out from the rest as they have a full feature and advanced technology that aids the software, the OnlineExamMaker. The OnlineExamMaker tools and Features make it easier for educators, teachers, and marketers to create tests for surveys and quizzes.