7 Features in Quiz Maker Help Teachers Conduct Formative Assessment

Formative assessment is a normal assessment method for teachers. The development of technology has gradually shifted education toward online. People are familiar with online courses and online exams. Network and smart devices are used in online education. The teaching channels have changed, and the teaching methods will undoubtedly change, but the teaching purpose remains the same all the time. As a common evaluation method, formative evaluation should also have different applications in the era of technological development. This article will tell you how people implement formative assessment in online teaching.

What is formative assessment?

formative evaluation

Formative assessment is a way of evaluating students’ learning process. Teachers often use informal examinations and unit tests to evaluate students, so as to keep abreast of students’ learning situation, motivate students to learn, explore students’ potential, effectively control students’ learning process, and enable students to increase their confidence and learn actively. This evaluation method attaches importance to the communication between teachers and students and the learning process of students.

How do teachers conduct formative assessment?

Class and after-class integration

The knowledge learnt in the classroom is not rich enough. Generally speaking, what is learned in the classroom is mainly theoretical knowledge, and it is difficult for students to apply the knowledge they have learned to life. For example, grammar, pronunciation of words, and sentence formation are important to non-native English speakers when they are learning English. Obviously, students who are familiar with the above knowledge of English may not be able to communicate fluently with others in English in daily life. Therefore, after-class exercises such as situational dialogues, topic discussions etc. are more helpful to students.

Learning attitudes and habits assessment

Formative assessment is completed with student self-assessment, student peer assessment, and teacher assessment to evaluate students’ learning attitudes and habits. The evaluation of students needs to include several aspects. For example, whether students listen carefully in class, speak bravely, participate in group activities, and complete their post-class assignments carefully.

Knowledge assessment

Quizzes are the most convenient way to assess students’ learning, whether they are proficient in applying what they have learned to real-life situations is the ultimate goal of learning. By observing students’ daily learning status, teachers can assess their mastery of knowledge accordingly. At the same time, students will have a better understanding of their own learning in the quizzes.

Technology helps teachers conduct formative assessment

quiz maker


The development of technology has led to a variety of channels and ways to conduct course and exam. In the age of online education and online testing, quiz maker is one of the indispensable teaching tools. In examination systems such as Online Exam Maker, teachers can create online courses and conduct online quizzes at the same time. The following exam system features will help teachers to better conduct formative assessments in online education.

★ Questionnaires, collect information on student self-assessment, student mutual assessment, and teacher evaluation.

★ Points, students have the opportunity to earn points by taking exams or online courses. Teachers can reward students according to the ranking of points.

★ Multiple types of test questions to enrich the test content , and it is available to conduct online exams in each subject.

★Learning and examination combination, teachers can insert quizzes in online courses.

★ Study and test records can be tracked, teachers can keep track of students’ learning in real time.

★ Informal quizzes, where teachers can examine students’ stage learning results. Randomly selected questions; set exam opening time; enable anti-cheating to ensure the fairness of the exam; test system automatically corrects the test papers and analyzes the test data after the exams

★ Prize quiz, a gamified way to assess students, makes the quiz more interesting.


Formative evaluation is a feasible evaluation method. With the development of society, not only the evaluation method, but also the teaching channels, teaching methods and even teaching content need to be changed accordingly. Hope this article helps you to examine students in the right way even during online teaching.