7 Best Proctoring Software for Remote Testing & Teaching

These past few years have been challenging for both students and teachers. The pandemic has changed how we handle our careers and personal lives. There was a significant adjustment for all of us.
This unfortunate event has pushed us to do the best alternative available for everyone instead, remote teaching and testing. Schools and Universities are encouraged to take advantage of remote learning and proctoring for improved and efficient student assessments.

Fortunately, there are already hundreds of proctoring software we can find and download online. So, we took our time to help you narrow down the list to the top seven best proctoring software for remote testing and teaching.


Online Exam Maker is a SaaS online examination system suitable for companies, institutions, governments, schools, and educational institutions to create exams through the Internet. It helps HR managers, small businesses, teachers, and instructors to create tests and assessment exams online to test candidates and students.
Online Exam Maker is a perfect proctoring software for remote learning. It has powerful functions and features that support users to organize exams with auto-grading, AI-Based anti-cheating technology, an online learning management system, and remote proctoring.

Key Features
• Exam Creation
• Question Bank
• Remote Proctoring and Anti-Cheating Technology
• Exam Reports
• Candidate Management
• Personalization
• Powerful Learning Management System
• Monetize Your Knowledge
• API and Integrations
• Collaboration
• Exam Taker Panel
• Security and Stability


ProctorU is one of the top proctoring management software in the market that is known for its exemplary competence across live proctoring and auto proctoring. It is also highly recommended by many academic institutions when it comes to recording and reviewing online examinations on a unified interface.
ProctorU is known for its unique AI-led system that ensures ID authentication with the capacity to conduct more than 10,000n exams daily. It provides to more than 1000 customers, including the University of Florida and Cameron University, among others, making the software efficient for the user.

Key Features
• Free exam-related technical support
• On-demand access or scheduled access 24/7
• AI-based behavior analysis
• Live proctor enabling launch
• Identity verification with a live proctor
• Assistance from a dedicated accounts team


Honorlock is the first ever proctoring software to combine automated proctoring with human proctors to maintain integrity in online exams. AI monitors each exam session made in Honorlock and alerts a live proctor if it detects any latent academic dishonesty. The live proctor will then review the situation through an analysis window before deciding to intervene to avoid distracting test-takers.
Honorlock is a user-friendly, secure, and scalable software with an advanced feature set.
It is available 24/7, with no exam scheduling needed. It’s a proctoring software with a combination of Unique AI and human proctoring.

Key Features
• live US-based support
• Detects the use of cell phones & other devices
• Direct LMS integration with no additional logins needed
• Third-party test proctoring
• ID verification in 60-seconds
• Leaked test content identifier with steps to remove
• Meaningful voice detection
• Time-stamped recordings and reports
• Flat-rate cost per student or exam

Alemira Proctor

Alemira Proctor is a go-to choice for schools, colleges and universities to secure exam integrity with its advance anti-cheating software. Using alemira proctor you can monitor the student’s behavior during the exam to spot any attempts of cheating, can detect the person with multi-verification methods available in the software, and automated the violation tracker because of its machine learning.
Alemira Proctor is both good in the automated detection of cheating and also the capability to record student behavior. With this, it’s easy to detect any form of cheating with the help of both AI and human abilities.

Key Features
• Automated Face verification
• Post and real-time proctoring
• Multiple Authentication abilities
• AI proctoring technology
• LMS Integration system


ExamOnline is profound in making comprehensive and flexible exams thanks to its advanced tool in exam creation, and its remote proctoring system. Take exams easier for both the teacher and student with the fully integrated platform for proctoring. ExamOnline can handle a huge wave of students ranging from 1,000 up to 100,000 without facing any errors.
It is also easy to learn and use ExamOnline because of the highly interactive interface and 24/7 support from the company so you can ask any inquiries in no time. Lastly, you are secure in its integrity thanks to it being ISO 27001: 2014 certified

Key Features
• AI Facial Detection
• Audio Analytics in exams
• Auto Authorization
• Liveness Detection
• Fake Feed Detection
• Exam Configuration Tools
• Advance Reporting system


ProctorEdu automated and live proctoring helps with the integrity of the exam taken without needing to install any application. ProctorEdu is suited for those who don’t need any installation and can be used on a browser without the need for any extensions or plugins.
Even with just a browser version you can still get all the features with any proctoring software like automated grading with analytics, live and ai proctoring, and anti-cheating tools

Key Features
• Automated Proctoring
• Live and AI proctoring
• Facial Recognition
• Noise Detection
• Web Search Detection
• Violation Tracker


ProctorTrack focuses on educational institutes with its automated and remote proctoring tools. The SPADE system created by Proctortrack is the only system where the transparency of students is the focus to maintain integrity in the test. An Advance in-classroom browser lock named ProctorTA helps in preventing any malpractices during exams
ProctorTrack offers its support 24/7 to answer any inquiries and fix any errors found in the system. It is a user-centred design to ensure the comfortability of the user in using ProctorTrack.
Key Features
• Automated monitoring for computer vision
• Online Identity verification
• Automated and reliable Results
• Exam Creation

Final Notes

It is now a must to use remote proctoring software during this online era. Even without the pandemic, it has now been integrated into schools and universities to make proctoring easier and more convenient for both the student and teacher. So in the best proctoring software, we recommend the onlineExamMaker, its countless features and continued support by the developers ensure that the quality of service you will get is high and excellent.