5 Features in Quiz Maker that are Beneficial for Offline Exams

It is clear that since 2019, more and more people conduct exams online. According to data available from Mumbai University in India, conducting online exams leads to the reduction of paper has resulted in a 99.79% reduction in school sector revenue. It means that online exams are not only a feasible way to test, but also save a lot of paper.

Although online exams have incomparable advantages over offline exams, under normal circumstances, the meaningful exams are still conducted offline. It doesn’t mean the quiz maker has lost its meaning. In the post-pandemic era, the examination system will play a different role.

Save test questions

Classification of test questions

Classification of test questions in question bank

Do you have a question bank for storing exam questions? Online Exam Maker provides users with a question bank that can store a large number of test questions, and the number of test questions is not limited. Questions can be divided into different categories to make management easier.

Check for duplicates

When you have a large number of test questions in your question bank, it is obviously impossible to manually check whether the test questions are repeated. The duplicate checking function in Online Exam Maker is an indispensable utility. After the administrator uploads the test questions in batches, the test system will automatically check whether the test questions are repeated.

Randomly select test questions to create test papers

Online Exam Maker provides users with 3 ways to create test papers, random selection, fixed selection, random&fixed. Users can select the corresponding test questions from the question bank according to candidates’ understanding of different knowledge. On the other hand, if you have set random questions, the exam system will randomly select questions from each category. The test papers are more valuable.

Print test paper

export exam

export exam from quiz maker

Quiz maker is not only an online test paper creation tool, it is also suitable for making offline test papers. The test paper created by the user in Online Exam Maker can be exported in the form of word. The exported exam papers can be used in offline exams.

Notify candidates to take exam in batches

email template

email template in quiz maker

The “Notify Exam” in Online Exam Maker provides users with functions such as email editing, batch sending emails, and batch uploading of candidates’ email addresses, etc. Notification templates can be retained, administrators can use the same template to notify candidates to take exams in the future.


The conduct of online exams benefits from the development of technology. Features in exam system can also help to conduct offline exams. Exam systems play an important role in the future, and it is the necessary tool for enterprises, schools and other institutions. More practical functions of the examination system are waiting for you to discover!