Why is Online Exam System an Necessary Software for HR?

As the employees a crucial factor in the long-term development of an enterprise, they need to get more training. Only when employees have stronger capabilities can they create greater benefits for the enterprises. As an important department for managing corporate resources, human resources department should be familiar with various resources available in the enterprise. At the same time, they should pay more attention to the important resource of new employees, which means they need to be familiar with the abilities of employees. Therefore, the human resources department should frequently test employees. However, they often encounter the following problems when organizing tests:

  1. For some enterprises which has many subsidiaries, it is a trouble to gather all employees to the same place for training.
  2. Lots of paper need to be printed for training materials, so that the training cost is high.
  3. Data are not stored systematically and easy to be lost.
  4. Testing after training will spend lots of time, it makes the training cycle more longer.

It is better for enterprises to change their training mode and carry out online training and testing, because technology can help us achieve the elusive goals. Now, there are many excellent online exam systems available on the market, such as Online Exam Maker. It is a practical software which includes testing and training functions.

How should remote training go on?

It is beneficial to carry out online training and testing for the large-scale enterprises, because this method will break geographical restrictions. All employees can directly participate in training and testing as long as they log in to their own accounts.

online exam system

Exams can be shared by link or QR code

How can reduce training cost?

Training cost is definitely an issue that HR must consider when organizing training. A cost-effective online exam system can solve this problem well. Because employees participate in training and testing online in the whole process, it doesn’t need printing materials any more, so that many paper can be saved. On the other hand, for small-scale companies, they may not have a large enough examination space for employees to take offline exams, online exams can save a lot of the cost of renting a space. If things go on like this, companies can save a lot of money in training and testing.

online exam system

Candidates take exams in the back-end

How to save training and test materials?

With the digitization of data, it is no longer feasible to store data only on paper. There is a free question bank for HR to store test materials, so that they can be used repeatedly for a long period of time in the future.

online exam system

Upload test questions in batches

How to combine exam and study in the same system?

In addition to being a professional examination system, Online Exam Maker can also provide users with learning modules. Employees can participate in the test immediately after they finish learning on the system, which saves a lot of time.

online exam system

Interface of the learning module

Employee training is an indispensable activity of the human resources department. A professional online exam system can help HR to carry out training and testing more easily. Click the “Sign up” button in the top right corner of the page to get a free trial.