Which Moment Made You Desire to Conduct Online Exams?

COVID-19 is catastrophic for us human beings. Although it has brought too many negative effects on people, it has also promoted the development of technology to a certain extent. Online exam system is the most obvious example. At present, many people still conduct online exams because of the epidemic. In the post-epidemic era, what motivates people to conduct online exams?

Venue preparation

No matter what industry the offline exam is, it is necessary to prepare the venue to conduct the exam. The venue leasing cost will increase the total cost of conducting online exams. Conducting online tests does not incur such costs. In addition, candidates participating in the online exam can take the exam by clicking the exam link. The exam system will automatically verify the candidate’s identity information.

online exam system

Exam link for taking online exam

Uncontested anti-Cheating

For exams of great significance, test organizers must take the anti-cheating measures on the exams. In the process of offline examinations, personnel from different countries and regions will adopt different invigilation methods, some of which are acceptable to candidates, and some not. Moreover, in offline examinations, the general method for determining cheating of candidates is only what the invigilators see. But it is difficult to come up with substantial evidence to confirm the cheating behavior of candidates. Anti-cheating functions in online exam systems such as Online Exam Maker can solve this problem.

When anti-cheating functions are enabled in the online test in Online Exam Maker, the system can automatically detect the test taker’s behavior, all cheating behaviors will be recorded in the test report. and there will be no disputes between the test taker and the test organizer.

online exam system

Cheating records in the candidate’s report

No need to mark exam papers

After the offline test is over, the test organizer needs to correct all the answers of the candidates’ test papers, which requires a large number of personnel to participate in the correction of the test paper. It also takes a lot of time and effort to mark the test papers. In Online Exam Maker, after the exam is over, the system will automatically mark the exam paper.

online exam system

Automatic test paper marking style

No need for statistics

After the paper correction, the test system will automatically analyze the test data of the candidates and the scoring data such as the correct rate and error rate of all test questions. The test report also shows the test taker’s score on each type of question. Test data in Online Exam Maker can be exported, test organizers don’t need to analyze the data by themselves.

online exam system

Data analysis in different aspects

As an online exam system that is constantly developing, Online Exam Maker has upgraded its functions in all aspects. Online exams have become a popular form of exams in the future, and the development of the exam system will make it more and more mature.