What to Know before Conducting an Online Certificate Exam?

Online certificate exams are often conducted in knowledge competitions, employee skill assessments and so on. Since COVID-19, people are conducting online exams more and more often. There is strict requirement on the efficiency of the test and the stability of the system in online certificate exams. As a professional online exam system, the followings need to be known from Online Exam Maker for new users to conduct an online certificate exams.

How can students self-register before the exam?

Administrators can not only create exams in the system, but also use the exam system to create registration links for candidates. The administrator needs to select the information to be collected when creating the registration link, such as the candidate’s name, gender, class, email, photo, etc. Candidates only need to click the registration link shared by the administrator to fill in the registration information. Candidates who successfully submit the registration link will be automatically collected into the same group, which will prevent administrators from manually collecting candidate information.

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How to prevent candidates from cheating?

In Online Exam Maker, the anti-cheating functions can effectively prevent candidates from cheating. Such as intelligent anti-cheating detection, full-screen mode exams, screen switching limited and so on. The important is all candidate’s cheating behaviors will be recorded on the candidate’s exam report.

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Are there industry restrictions on the online certificate exam?

The types of questions required by each industry are different. For example, questions in language-type certificate exams need to be inserted with audio; in math competitions, formulas or pictures need to be inserted. Online Exam Maker supports ten test question types, questions can be inserted with audio, video and pictures.

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How are certificates issued?

The administrator needs to create an electronic certificate in the online exam system first. There are two methods to issue certificates. One is automatically issued by the system after the exam, and the other is issued in batches by admin. The former requires administrators to set the conditions for candidates to obtain certificates, while the latter requires administrators to manually issue certificates to candidates after the exam.

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As a form of online exams, online certificate exams provide people with the convenience of conducting exams. If you also need to conduct online certificate exams in online exam system, please click the “Sign up” button on the upper right of the page to experience the examination functions in Online Exam Maker for free.