Why We Need Mock Test before Online Exam?

online exam system

After receiving a customer’s request to conduct an online exam, many online exam system providers recommend that the test organizer conduct a mock test before the official test. What is the point of conducting mock exams for test organizers and test takers?

Make sure candidates’ devices are available

Whether the online test can be conducted smoothly is affected by the equipment. In order to ensure that the test equipment of the candidates is available, it is necessary to carry out the mock test. During the online test, candidates will be required to use the camera and microphone of the test equipment. If there are any problems, the mock exam can solve the problem in advance.

Make sure candidates be familiar with the exam

Candidates participating in the online exam generally have to go through the following steps: identity verification, enter exam, start exam, submit test paper, query the score. The procedure of the mock exam should be the same as that of the formal exam. It means that candidates can be familiar with the test process before the official test starts, which can effectively reduce errors that may occur during the official test.

Make sure the exam system is stable

The stability of the online exam system is greatly affected by the number of candidates taking exams at the same time. Especially in the case of a large number of candidates, it is crucial to carry out online mock exams. Because in the mock examination, the stability of the examination system can be detected in time to avoid the influence of the formal examination due to the instability of the system.

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