What Scenarios is the Online Exam System Suitable for?

With the advancement of technology, many schools and companies use online exam systems to conduct online exams. Online exams can improve the efficiency of exam organizers and enable candidates to participate in the exam flexibly. Online Exam Maker is an exam system which has the functions of test question management, candidate management, anti-cheating, data analysis and so on. It can be applied to a variety of exam scenarios. The following are some scenarios for Online Exam Maker.

Online exam

As a professional online exam system, there is no doubt that Online Exam Maker can provide high-quality online examination services for institutions in various industries. Candidates don’t need to go to the test center, they can take the test on their smart device. The steps to create an exam are simple, it only takes four steps for the administrator to successfully create an exam. Candidates can click or scan the link or QR code shared by the administrator to participate in the exam.

online exam system

create an exam in four steps

Test question management

Online Exam Maker provides users with a free question bank, users can upload various question types to the question bank in batches. For example, multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blank questions, essay questions, true or false questions, etc. When the questions have been successfully uploaded, the question bank will check whether these questions has already exited in the system. When creating an exam, the administrator can directly select a suitable question from the question bank, and the question can be reused many times.

online exam system

questions in the question bank

Online training

In addition to creating online exams in Online Exam Maker, users can also conduct online courses. Like online exams, users can also upload multiple types of courseware to the system. For example, video, audio, and pictures. The combination of study and examination allows candidates to get good results in the exam.

online exam system

upload courseware to the system


In addition to the above-mentioned functions, Online Exam Maker can also be used to create questionnaires, which can meet the needs of various questionnaires such as academic research, market research, internal surveys, and public attitude surveys. The user only needs to fill in the basic information of the questionnaire and improve the relevant settings of the questionnaire to successfully create a questionnaire, and the questionnaire can be distributed through a link. When the questionnaire is collected, the system will automatically analyze the results of the questionnaire.

online exam system


From the above aspects, we can know that Online Exam Maker is not just an online exam system. At present, Online Exam Maker has customers in many industries, including education, medical, and financial industries. If you are looking for a practical test system, please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page to try out more features of Online Exam Maker for free.