What Problems can Exam System Help Companies Solve?

The proper use of tools in people’s work can help them to be more efficient. So what problems can online exam systems, which are being used more and more often, help companies solve?

Staff assessment

There are various ways for enterprises to assess their employees. In addition to the assessment of practical ability, theoretical knowledge is an essential assessment content. For companies that often conduct assessments, the online assessment is more beneficial to them. Exams can be conducted online and employees who are not in the same location can participate in exams conducted by the company. Exam systems such as Online Exam Maker can help companies easily implement online appraisals. Enterprise assessors only need to set the opening time of the test papers, and employees can participate in the test at the designated time.

online exam system

Taking exam by sharing exam link

Online recruitment

In order to solve a series of recruitment problems such as remote recruitment and preliminary screening of talents, online recruitment has become an effective recruitment method. Recruiters need to create a recruitment test in Online Exam Maker, interviewees can participate in the preliminary interview simply by opening the test link. There are practical exam management and candidate information management in Online Exam Maker. Recruitment conducted by different departments can create exams in the same online exam system. After the exam is over, candidates’ exam papers will be automatically corrected by the system. Recruiters can screen candidates who meet the requirements through the performance rankings.

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Ranking list

Year-end summary of employees

In order to understand the work achievements and deficiencies of employees in a year, enterprises can use the questionnaire in the Online Exam Maker to quickly collect employee information. Employees upload summary reports to the questionnaire, and enterprise personnel can download employee reports in batches from Online Exam Maker.

online exam system

Download document in system

Employee satisfaction survey

Online Exam Maker is not only an online exam system, but also a professional questionnaire system, which can be used to survey employees’ job satisfaction.

The examination system is a practical tool for enterprises. If you also need to improve work efficiency, please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page to get a free trial opportunity for Online Exam Maker.