What are the Requirements for Teachers in the 21st Century?

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In the past, when the development of information technology was not so good, teachers were mainly manual in many aspects of their work. For example, taking classes, grading homework, organizing exams, etc. This teaching model results in low teaching efficiency and very high workload for teachers because most of the work takes a considerable amount of time to complete.

In the 21st century, with the strengthening of Internet technology and the popularization of informatization in society, the creation and utilization of knowledge and information has become the key to a country’s competition for international status. On the other hand, education is the foundation of a country’s development. Therefore, it is very important to cultivate information talents in the information age, and it is even more important to cultivate new teachers who master the concepts and abilities of information technology. Because these teachers can optimize the content and process of education more quickly, and improve the efficiency and quality of teaching. So what should this new type of teacher who keeps pace with the times be like?

Have the concept of continuous learning

Update of knowledge today is fast, it is possible for people to learn all knowledge before they do something. In fact, the knowledge a student learns in school is only 10% of the knowledge he needs in his life, and the other 90% needs to be acquired from work. In the 21st century, students should focus not on knowledge itself, but on how to acquire it and how to process it. Therefore, teachers should focus on cultivating students’ learning methods, so that students can continue to learn in the face of continuous social changes. However, only teachers with this mindset can be role models for students and influence students to keep learning.

Possess the ability of information technology

The ultimate goal of teachers’ informatization ability is to use it in teaching activities. The application of multimedia and network technology makes the classroom more lively and interesting. For example, the application of online training system and quiz maker not only makes students more willing to participate in the classroom, but also effectively improves the quality of teaching. For example, the current exam system is not only a tool that can only make exams, but also a system that can provide online courses for teachers and students. In the case of Online Exam Maker, teachers can create an online exam in the system in four simple steps. In addition, there are a variety of settings in the system for users to choose from, which can make the test more personalized. Most importantly, there must be anti-cheating measures for online quizzes. Online Exam Maker can meet this need, the functions such as face recognition, full-screen exams, and prevention of copying and pasting test questions are all users like to use.

The use of teaching tools in the information age is also an ability that new teachers must master because it improves teaching quality and efficiency. As a new type of teacher in the 21st century, they will face more challenges, but believe that technology such as the useful quiz maker will certainly help them solve the problem.