What are the Characteristics of Education in Information Age?

Although mankind has experienced the agricultural society, industrial society and information society, many things have changed. The methods and concepts of education have also undergone tremendous changes. Education is still an ongoing and increasingly important undertaking in rapid development. Especially in the information society, people’s production and thinking methods have been deeply affected. As the foundation of social development, education has obvious characteristics in the information age.

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Life-long learning

In the past, the age for people to receive education was in the teenage years,  getting education seemed to be the exclusive thing of this age. However, with the rapid development of society, especially as mankind has entered the information age, knowledge is updated faster and faster, and the knowledge mastered by people at work can no longer meet the needs of the development of the times. Lifelong learning can not only meet the survival and development requirements of human beings, but also improve the quality of life and enrich the spiritual life. All countries have incorporated the concept of “lifelong learning” into their specific practices, which means that lifelong learning is an educational process that cannot be ignored in the information age.

Open educational venue

Traditional education is conducted in specific classrooms. With the development of science and technology, educational venues have changed, even the problem of geographical restrictions can be solved. In the information age, the number of media for disseminating information has increased, and people can learn from multiple channels. For example, the form of video learning is loved by more people, YouTube has become the first choice of more and more young people for video learning.

High-tech integrated education

With the continuous development and update of artificial intelligence and VR technology, they are used more and more frequently in education. Artificial intelligence can be used in learning software to automatically recommend learning materials that are more suitable for learners. VR technology can make courses more vivid, and learners can experience the scenes depicted in the learning materials vividly.

Various learning platforms

The learning method in the information age has changed. For example, the examination method in many countries has changed from offline to online, so many online exam systems have appeared. Online Exam Maker is a professional examination system, it supports SaaS version and LAN version, the former makes the examination more convenient, the latter can better save user data. But no matter which version, the anti-cheating and data analysis functions in Online Exam Maker can help test organizers reduce the workload when organizing test papers.

People can change education methods and educational thinking according to the characteristics of education in the information age, so that education can advance with the times. Click the “Sign up” button on the upper right corner of the page to get a free trial opportunity for the online exam system.