If Technology can Promote Education Equity?

Take the education system in China as an example. Is there any absolute fairness in education? I think it is not sure. Chinese society is a structure that combines urban and rural areas. As the income gap between urban and rural residents continues to widen, there is a large gap in people’s living standards and even education levels. A series of unfair phenomena have also appeared in education.

For example,

  1. The government’s investment in education is different. The capital investment in cities is larger, so it can attract more teachers with rich teaching experience.
  2. More urban residents have the awarenessof lifelong learning, but rural residents don’t have less awareness.
  3. During the exam, cheating often occurs because of the students’ competitive spirit.


As individuals or schools, in order to make education fairer, many people start to adopt online exam system.

online exam system

  1. Teachers can upload courseware and test questions in advance, and students can participate in the class of high-quality teachers anytime and anywhere by logging in to the system.
  2. Many people stop learning after leaving school, but individuals can participate in study and examination through the online examination system, and they can learnthe course that suits them even if they have left
  3. The powerful anti-cheating functions of the online exam system, such as full screen test and the anti-cut screen, ensure the fairness of the examination.

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