The Application of Video Surveillance in Online Proctored Examination

Considering the health of both teachers and students, teaching has been conducted online. Therefore, it is believed by many people that there should be no physical exams. Exams should be conducted online too by using online exam platform. It is reasonable since offline exams may increase the risk of the infection of covid-19.

To maintain the integrity of online tests, dozens of powerful anti-cheating features are provided by online exam software, such as switching screen limit, interruption limit, no copying or pasting, full screen mode, surveillance camera, face recognition and AI proctoring. Take Online Exam Maker as an example, here is to introduce the application of video surveillance in details to you.

The surveillance camera can be set up in online exams. And with the surveillance camera feature set up, the surveillance camera will proctor the exam during the whole time.

Also, the system will take pictures of the candidates during the exam to capture the malpractice of the candidates, which can be checked in the administrator’s back-end.

With the surveillance camera on, the exam can be proctored without an invigilator. However, if live proctoring is needed, teachers can also proctor the exam in real time to make sure there is no cheating behaviors during the exam. Candidate’s single monitoring page as well as multi-person real-time monitoring screen can be viewed by the administrator and if there are suspicious cheating behaviors, a warning can be sent to the candidate by the administrator.

To make the surveillance camera more powerful, the additional feature of surveillance camera: intelligent anti-cheating monitoring can also be set up by the administrator. With the feature on, during the exam, multiple persons, paid exam taker, the small movements of the candidates and the sound environment of the exam can all be detected. And once the cheating behaviors mentioned above reach the limitation, the system will hand in the paper automatically and the candidates will not be able to continue the exam, which will effectively prevent candidates from cheating.

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