Opinions about Online Exam from Test Takers

online exam system

At present, online exams are used in The online exams not only test students, but also exercise the planning ability of the organizers. In the examination process, it not only examines the application of knowledge, but also examines the organizer’s ability to respond to emergencies and the candidate’s ability to adapt to the new examination mode. It is a transition from a traditional mode to a modern mode. Can online exams become the main exam mode for future exams? I think the opinions of the candidates may be useful suggestions.

Negative opinions

Some candidates indicate that online exam may be affected by the Internet. It means online exam is likely to be interrupted, candidates have to submit unfinished exams. Such exams do not truly reflect the students’ abilities. In addition, candidates who are not familiar with the online exam may lose their scores due to operating errors.

Positive opinions

  1. The most obvious advantage is that candidates can take the exam without going out.
  2. With the help of a professional online exam system, online exams can solve the problems of traditional exams and make the exams real and effective. Candidates said that although turning on the camera during the exam will feelnervous, such anti-cheating measures can ensure the fairness of the exam and make the exam results valid.
  3. It is more faster to get test result. As for the exam with multiple-choice questions, the results can be obtained after the exam is over.
  4. Online exams can allow candidates from different countries and regions to participate in the same exam, which also means that candidates can participate in many global exams.

There are two sides to everything. What we can’t deny is that online exams do have shortcomings. But in general, the increasing popularity of online exams means that it can meet the needs of many people, so the advantages are more obvious than the disadvantages. I believe that online exams can meet the needs of more people in the future development. Please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page to experience this free online exam system for free.