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Introduction to the automatic scoring function of the Online Exam system

Organizing online exams provides users with not only the functions of question bank management and exam settings before releasing an online exam, but also for the whole process of organizing exams and the marking function. As an online examination system...

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Why do online exam become a trend and online exam system become popular?

Now more and more people are taking online exams, especially under the influence of COVID-19, offline exams and classes are not feasible. Then, online exams will help us a lot, such as in corporate training assessment and online teaching in...

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Different deployment methods of Online Exam Software

Due to the COVID-19, tremendous changes have taken place in the examination method. Paperless and mobile have become the main features. We will choose to organize online examinations. More and more schools and enterprises will choose to use online exam...

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Is it hard to create online examination?

Great changes have taken place in the format of organizing examinations. No matter Schools organize exams for students, companies conduct training and assessments for employees, or government units organize knowledge learning assessments for staff, they all no longer adopt the...

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