Introduction to the automatic scoring function of the Online Exam system

Organizing online exams provides users with not only the functions of question bank management and exam settings before releasing an online exam, but also for the whole process of organizing exams and the marking function.

As an online examination system that provides a one-stop examination service, our Online Exam Maker also attaches great importance to the automatic scoring function.What are the automatic scoring functions of our system?

Today, I am going to introduce the automatic scoring function more clearly.

Generally speaking, the questions in an examination paper are composed of objective questions (such as multiple choice questions, judgment questions, and fill-in-the-blank questions) and subjective questions (such as essay questions, analysis questions). So, next we will analyze the automatic scoring function of the exam from these two question types.

For objective questions:

For question types such as Multiple choice and True or False, after the candidates finishing answering the question and submit the test paper, the system automatically mark the exams and give the scores.

For subjective questions:

For essay questions, we can set keywords in advance, and the system can score based on the keywords. As long as the candidate’s answer has keywords, the system will automatically mark.

Above is the automatic scoring function of the our  Online Exam system.

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