Some Myths You Need to Know about Online Exam

Technology has brought tremendous changes to our lives. In the education industry, online exam system has transformed the examination from offline to online. However, not everyone likes taking exams online, they may have the misunderstandings about online exam.

Multiple candidates cannot take exam at the same time

Online Exam Maker can support a large number of candidates to take the test at the same time. Many of our customers have carried out the test with 10,000 people taking the same test, and the finally the test can be successfully concluded.

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Exam system is complicated to operate

In fact, the operation of the exam system is very simple. Online Exam Maker has independent administrator background and examinee background, administrators and candidates can log in to different system backgrounds. In addition, the administrator can successfully create a test paper in four steps, and the system provides a variety of custom settings to make the test process more complete.

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It is more easy to cheat in an online exam

Although online exams lack the personnel to invigilate the exams around the candidates, it is not easy for the candidates to cheat. There are a variety of anti-cheating functions in Online Exam Maker, such as page switching limited, face recognition, sound monitoring of the test environment of candidates during the test, etc.

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High price

In fact, online exams can save costs. Candidates don’t need to go to the test center to take the test, and schools or educational institutions don’t need to spend money on offline test equipment and test venues. In addition, paper materials such as test papers and answer sheets can be saved.

Online exams are easily affected by technical factors

Online exams may be affected by the many factors. it can be avoid if we test the stress load before an exam. Our team will help users to test the stress load in advance.

Correcting test papers will take a lot of time

In fact, correcting test papers on exam system can save more time. Because Online Exam Maker will automatically correct questions with fixed answers, such as multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blank questions, etc., the administrator can spend time correcting other subjective questions.

The above are some common myths that people have. However, in the current social environment, the advantages of online examinations are more obvious than the disadvantages. If you are also worried about online exams, please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page to experience this practical online exam system for free.