Some Advice for Students who Need to Take the Online Exam

Under the influence of the COVID-19, many students around the world took online exams. They only need to log in to the test system at the designated time to participate in the test, which can save time to go to the test center. As a supplier of quiz maker, we often learn from customers that the most worried questions of students are as follows:

  1. How to get high scores in online exams?
  2. Will the student be caught if he/ she cheated in the online exam?

As a professional quiz maker that provides examination services, Online Exam Maker not only pays attention to the teacher’s sense of use, we also value the feedback from students. As a supplier, we provide a few suggestions for students who are about to take the online exam.


Ways to get high scores

  • Only the students mastered the knowledge before the exam can get high scores. The truth is obvious.
  • Online exams are different from offline exams. Online exams also require an operating system, so taking online exams needs to be familiar with the system. We have received feedback from many teachers who say that some students get lower grades when taking online exams. Some students lose their marks because they don’t have enough time to do the questions. In Online Exam Maker, candidates can write their answers on paper and then upload the answers to the system. For some students who are not familiar with typing, this can save them time for answering.


  • Do more wrong questions. Those students who get high scores have their own error collection, they will use their spare time to collect the questions they did wrong in the exam. If you are also taking the online exam with Online Exam Maker, this will save you a lot of time. Because it will help students collect wrong questions, students can directly log in to the examinee back-end to check their own wrong questions.


If can cheat in the online exams

The answer is no. Many candidates think that online exams will be easier to cheat, so many people will ask about cheating methods on online exams. However, you have to know that really smart students will not cheat in exams. Because cheating on an exam is a risky behavior, it is easy to be caught and then they will lose all scores. While students are taking the test online, the teacher can monitor the test situation on the other end of the screen. Therefore, the teacher can clearly see the behavior of the students in the exam.


Online exams should be a new way of exams in the future. The combination of online and offline exams can not only examine students, but also exercise their ability to use equipment in the information age. As a student, if you agree with the above viewpoints, you can recommend our examination system to your teachers. Click the “Sign up” button at the top right to get a free trial opportunity.