SaaS-Based exam system VS LAN exam system? Which is better and how to choose?

For those who are in need of online exam system, they may find out that there are mainly two kinds of online exam systems: SaaS-Based exam system and LAN exam system. But it may be confusing for individuals who do not know much about the online exam system to know the difference between these two kinds of exam systems.

What are the advantages of SaaS-Based exam system? What are the advantages of LAN exam system? Which is better for us?

Advantages of the SaaS-Based exam system: low cost, flexible purchase time. The purchase time of the SaaS-Based exam system is quite flexible, which is rather convenient for short-term users and the price of the SaaS-Based exam system changes as the purchase time changes. Normally, monthly payment is the most economical; while yearly payment enjoy the most discount. To use a SaaS-Based exam system, there is no need for users to download a piece of software. All we have to do is register an account, and after we are satisfied with the free trial, we can purchase membership. We don’t have to download or develop a system, which not only reduce costs, but also promotes the development of high-quality content.

However, the advantage of the LAN examination system lies in its better data security. If we want to be able to access the examination system through the intranet, or deploy it locally on our own server, with more confidential and safe data, then we can choose the LAN online examination system. Although the LAN version needs to be downloaded, it is relatively simple. The system can be automatically deployed as long as it is downloaded and installed. Download LAN exam system

Is there a big difference between the two exam systems functionally?

The functional difference between SaaS-Based and LAN examination systems is not that big. But usually the new functions of SaaS-Based will go online faster, while the LAN needs to be packaged and updated.

How to choose?

As can be known from the above, both are actually good, and the difference between the two exam systems is quite subtle. Considering the cost issue, the purchase time of the SaaS-Based system is more flexible and the price is relatively low; however, if you want to deploy the system independently on the Intranet and require higher data security, it is recommended to choose the LAN system.

You shall know how to choose an online exam system now! As a professional exam software developer, we provide both SaaS-Based exam system and LAN exam system to users . If you are interested in it, contact us please!

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