What are the Requirements for Online Exam System?

We all know that there are actually many mature online exam systems on the market, but not all of them can meet everyone’s online exam needs. An Online Exam System may also have its limitations, such as functional loss, or its exam parameter settings cannot be applied to various online exam scenarios.

So, what do we generally need when looking for an online examination system?


What are the Requirements for one online exam system?

According to the users of our Online Exam Maker, generally, they will consider the following requirements when purchasing our online examination system.

  • Support high concurrency ;
  • To enable students to take exams anytime and anywhere;
  • Realize the function of adding test questions and test paper online;
  • Support test questions management, test paper management, easy to classify management;
  • Add candidates online and manage candidate information;
  • Achieve candidates’ online answering on multiple platforms, such as computer and mobile phones;
  • Realize automatic judgment and reduce manual output;
  • Achieve online query results

Is there an online exam system that meets the above requirements? Please pick our Online Exam Maker!

It only takes a few minutes for users to create an online exam. Our online exam maker supports more than 10,000 Students to take exams simultaneously. We provide a variety of memberships for users to choose from according to the number of exams, candidates, required functions, etc. The system has no time and places restrictions so that candidates can take exams anytime and anywhere through the computer, mobile phone

The user can set the attributes such as the validity period of the test paper, the number of tests, the exam description, the content of the exam, the result page, the answer set, and the content of the exam questions, which can meet different parameter settings in different test scenarios.

For the management of test questions, users can subdivide the catalog by majors, disciplines, chapters, etc. We can manage the question bank by category, and can support multi-level directory management; we can add, delete, delete, modify, preview, import, and export the information of the question bank.

Teachers do not need to mark and grade exam papers manually due to the automatic marking function. And they can view the taken records, candidates’ information, data of candidates who have taken or missed the exam on the front-end. What’s more, Students can view their exam-taking record and wrong question collection on the back-end.

Our examination system also has many functions, which cannot be elaborated on here. If you want to know more, please come to OnlineExamMaker!


How Can You Benefit From An Online Examiners System?

If you’re planning on administering an online exam, you might as well look into the advantages of taking an online exam system. With this type of system, students only have to download and install a computer program onto their computer. Once downloaded, they are ready to take the exam. An online examination system comes with lots of perks:

1: Saves paper. You no longer need to print out a complete exam for your students. Instead, they can just click on an individual question or answer option. Everybody is happy. It also saves time. You can set up an online examination in such a manner that it will automatically grade itself.

2: Not only does the online exam system save time, but it also helps cut down on mistakes that normally come during testing. Candidates who are able to take the tests from their own homes save a lot of money that would otherwise be spent on hiring more staff members to administer assessments to the candidates.

3: Online assessment tools allow the candidates to create their own exams using a variety of topics and writing styles. Different domains like customer satisfaction, leadership, and operations are provided by the online exams. Most of these systems allow a candidate to either register with the website to take a test or to log in manually and take the test. Since the tests are online, you don’t have to worry about writing an essay. All the candidates can do is read the question and answer it.