Campus online exam system recommendation

The online examination system required by the campus is best to meet the needs of the school’s random exams, intelligent scoring, etc., to support long-term exam requirements, or at least to support more than 2,000 online exam tasks of 5,000 people.

So, does this type of exam system exist? Our online exam system helps schools quickly build smart campus exam systems!

Why recommend campus use online exam system?

Our online exam maker support over 1,000 students taking exam simultaneously;besides, schools can choose the LAN exam maker which can be accessed via LAN and internet with higher data security.

Besides, it is flexible to creating exams such as forming exam by selecting questions randomly or with fixed questions. support batch import question with formula, pictures, audios and videos; and support many question types such as multiple Choices,True or False, Fill in Blank, Essay Question, and Comprehension Questions.

What is more, its intelligent auto marking and statistical analysis can reduce the workload of managers. The system will generate accurate test reports and transcripts supporting to export after the test.

Also, our exam system has powerful anti-cheating methods: face recognition to prevent surrogate exam-taker; open the surveillance camera, capture the test-taking process; limit the times of switching screen to prevent switching the screen to search answers.