How Do Educational Institutions Let Students Register and Take Online Exams

Affected by covid-19, teaching has been carried out online. But how does an educational institution let students register and take online exams? When it comes to this issue, educational institutions can really use some help of online examination system.

Educational institutions can easily solve the problem with online examination system that supports exam registration and examination. How does it work? For educational institutions, the following three steps are all they have to do to make it work.

Step 1: create an online exam registration form

First, we need to create an online exam registration form in online examination system for the exam we are able to conduct. There are five simple steps to create an online exam registration form.

1.Enter the title of the registration form;

2.Set the information items of the candidates that we want to collect;

3.Set up the theme of the exam registration;

4.Do some settings;

There are three extremely important settings. We can set which group students that register are going to enter. We can set the maximum number of students that are allowed to register. And we can also set the time during which students can register.

5.And then the exam registration form is finished and we can share the registration link to our students.

Students can click the link to register the exam by filling in the candidates’ information; and after the registration the students that have registered will be added to the group that is set by the administrator.

Step 2: create an online exam

Then, we can create an online exam. There are four simple steps to create an online exam. First we fill in the basic information of the exam, including exam title, exam category, cover and description. And then we select questions from the question bank. Next, we add settings to the exam. We must bear in mind to set the designated group which should be the same as the group set in the exam registration form to take the exam. Finally, an online exam is created successfully.

Step 3: notify students to take the exam

After the exam is created, we can notify students to take the exam on time by sending messages or emails to make sure every student is informed.

Educational institutions can create an online exam registration form, create an online examination and notify students to take the exam in online examination system. It is rather convenient for educational institutions to conduct exams in online examination system. Online Exam Maker is a profession and functional online examination system with all the functions above. And free trials are offered right now. You can have a try if you need it.

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