Why more and more Educational Institutions conduct Online Exams now?

Affected by the pandemic, a large amount of businesses and people around the world are having a hard time. Lots of schools and educational institutions all over the world are shut down. And recently, there are also many educational institutions reopening, which makes it important for them to figure out a new way of testing-online exam.

The traditional exam is a kind of paper and pens based exam which should be  taken in a classroom with all the students taking the exam at the same time and the same place while the teachers proctoring. However, under the influence of COVID-19, it is rather tricky to manage the exam in a traditional way because of the social distancing and the risk of contagion.

So what should they do under this situation?It is hardly surprising that the answer of the problem is online exam, the new way of examining students.

Why more and more Educational Institutions conduct Online Exams now?

The reason for this choice is also because Online Exam System has the following advantages to conduct online exams.

No Limitation of Time and Location

During the lockdown, most students are staying at home studying. Online exams make it possible for teachers in educational institutions to know their students’ study. Students can take exams remotely whenever they want and wherever they are before the deadline of the exams. So there is no need for the students to go the place where the exam is held under the risk of the contagion of COVID-19.

Lower Cost

Online exam is not a paper and pens based exam, which is environment-friendly and low-cost as well without printing all those paper. Also, there is no need of proctors around during the online test process, which helps save the human resources. And after the exam is taken, the paper can be marked automatically by the online exam system, which obviously frees the teachers from marking the paper.

Anti-Cheating Function

With the intelligent anti-cheating technology, the last thing should be worried is students cheating. Any abnormal operation will be captured by the system with the limitation of times of switching screen, powerful face recognition and video surveillance, which provides a fair and just environment for the exam and also frees teachers from proctoring. Therefore, students’ cheating behaviors can be effectively avoided by the anti-cheating function.

Statistics Analysis

After the exams are taken, statistics analysis will be provided by the system. The examination result summary will be provided, including the pass rate, excellent rate, the wrong rate of each questions, etc. and teachers can also view the records of their students’ paper, including their name, ranking, score and their exam report. All of those statistics enables teachers have a better understanding towards their students’ study.

Under the influence of COVID-19, Online Exam System makes it possible for teachers in educational institutions to have a better understanding towards their students’ study by examining their students online. OnlineExamMaker is such a platform that provides all the functions above.

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