Question from Students: What are the Guides to Passing Online Tests?

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Online testing is an indispensable test method for students. Because of the outbreak of the epidemic and the convenient operation method of online testing, online testing has become one of the testing methods often selected by schools and institutions across the country. Students need some guidance to help them pass the test smoothly.

Preparation before the exam

No matter what the exam is, it is necessary to thoroughly review the knowledge learned before the formal exam, so that the test can be completed quickly and correctly. However, it is not enough to master the knowledge only. Because online exams are all conducted on quiz maker. It means candidates need to be familiar with the operation of the exam system to avoid the problem of improper operation and loss of scores during the formal exam.

During the formal exam

  1. Abiding bythe exam rules is the most important. The number of candidates is very large in an exam, so the exams need to be carried out under specific exam rules to ensure that the exam is orderly. hen users use Online Exam Maker to organize online exams, there are a variety of settings to ensure the normal development of the exam. For example, enter the exam 30 minutes before the exam, so that if a candidate encounters a problem while logging in to the exam, there will be enough time to solve the problem.
  2. Don’t cheat. The students who are really smart will not cheat during the exam, because cheating will bring them great risk. Whether Online Exam Maker or other powerful quiz maker, there are intelligent anti-cheating detection functions in the system. It means cheating is easy to detect. If the examinee is detected cheating by the system, this is a big trouble for them, because no one will appreciate a person who has cheated on an exam.
  3. Be careful in the exam. We should all have had this experience: When doing things seriously, the efficiency is the highest, the tasks can be completed as quickly as possible. Moreover, the error rate is minimal when doing things seriously. In the online test, in addition to carefully understanding the meaning of the question stem, candidates also need to pay attention to the test time and the total number of questions on the test. We have received feedback from many users. Their candidates are unfamiliar with online exams, ignoring the exam time and the number of questions, resulting in the inability to complete the exam papers on time.

End of exam

When the exam is finished, test takers must carefully check to ensure that if the test paper is submitted. Under normal circumstances, the system will automatically submit test papers after the test time is up. However, in order to avoid special circumstances, it is safer for candidates to submit directly after completing the test papers.

Hope these notes can help you successfully pass the online exam. By the way, if you want to use the quiz maker to experience the online test, please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page to get a free trial.