How to organize an online proctored exam?

Nowadays, many schools, educational institutions and enterprises require online examination systems to organize online proctored exams. Online examinations have two main purposes: one is to assess the learning situation of students, and second, to promote learning. On the online exam platform, administrators can organize online exams, track learning progress, and generate data reports. However, in online exams, participants had many ways to cheat, such as searching for answers on the Internet. Therefore, anti-cheating is an important step in organizing proctored exam.

Here to recommend online examination system, Online Exam Maker, which has professional and powerful anti-cheating functions. With advanced anti-cheating functions, OEM ensures the fairness and is trusted by users.

How to organize an online proctored exam with Online Exam Maker?

There are only four steps to creating the test: Basic information — Select questions — Settings –Finish

Step 1: Fill in the basic information
Fill in the exam title, exam category, description, key words, introduction, etc.

Step 2: Add  questions
When selecting questions, two modes can be chosen: pre-selected questions and random questions. For users who need to prevent cheating, it is recommended to use “random questions”, set random questions and random options, which can prevent cheating to some extent.

Step 3: Settings

This is a crucial step in organizing a proctored exam. After setting the valid period, test time, rules, comments and so on,
and anti-cheating functions can be set to proctor the exam.

1. Limit the times of interruptions and switching screen

Set the limit number of interruption, if exceed the limit, the mandatory submission will be enforced. Users also can set the limit of screen switching, the system will send out a warning, if exceed the limit, candidates will be forced to hand in their exams.

2. Face recognition

After face recognition is turned on, the candidates need to confirm the identity information. Face scanning and recognition will be carried out according to the candidate’s photos. The candidates can enter the exam if the match is successful.

3. Video surveillance

OEM support the function of  video monitoring. Users have to enable the video surveillance function first and snap photos during the exam. If the suspected cheating behavior exceeds the limit times,  the exam of the candidate will be forced to hand in. The exam with intelligent anti-cheating monitoring function will also be handed in if the candidate’s face is not in the camera lens for more than 10 seconds. If face recognition is enabled at the same time, the examinee can also be identified during the video invigilation.

4. Forcibly occupy the whole screen

When taking exams on the PC side, the online test will forcibly occupy the whole screen so that candidates couldn’t switch the screen.

5. Time Limit and Account Permission

Limit the time of the whole test, the system will end automatically if the time is over;Limit the time of per question, a candidate can’t answer if the time is over. One account only can be logged on one device at the same time, open the automatically submitting functions, the system will submit automatically if candidates have been offline for an hour or the opening time has ended.
Step 4: Save and publish
Once the proctored exam is published, candidates can enter the exam via the link or QR code.

There are endless ways of cheating, but with Online Exam Maker, the cheating problems can be eliminated by turning on the anti-cheating functions such as face recognition, camera invigilation and anti-cutting screen and so on.

As shown above, it is quite easy to create a proctored exam by Online Exam Maker. If there is a demand for online proctored exam, welcome to use our online examination system. Click to sign up for free!