Is an invigilator required for online exams? How to proctor the online exam

It seems a real big challenge for us to conduct exams offline after new variants of virus were found worldwide. Luckily, we can still conduct exams online even high credibility of the exams is required using online exam software with powerful anti-cheating features.

But how to proctor an online exam? Is an invigilator required for online exams? How do the anti-cheating features work?

Well, an invigilator is not necessary required by an online exam. But it is possible for teachers to proctor an online exam if they would like to. Turn on the surveillance camera function, and the teacher can proctor the exam while it is taken by the candidates in the administrators back-end. If a candidate is suspected cheating, teachers can send a warning to that candidate so that he or she will behave properly.

However, as said before it is not necessary for a teacher to proctor an online exam because there are powerful anti-cheating features, such as screen switching limit, interruption limit, full screen mode, no copying questions, no pasting content, face recognition and intelligent anti-cheating monitoring that can be set up in an online exam to effectively prevent students from cheating.

Deter Students from Searching for Answers

Anti-cheating features like screen switching limit, interruption limit, full screen mode, no copying questions and no pasting content can effectively prevent students from leaving the answering page to search for answers.

To turn on screen switching limit, as long as the students switch the page over the times limit, the system will hand in the paper automatically.

Interruption limit can also be set up so that if the interruption limit is reached, the paper will be handed in and the students will not be able to continue the exam.

If the full screen mode is set, candidates will enter a full screen mode to take the exam and they can only exit the mode after the paper is handed in. Thus, they can not search for answers.

Set up “no copying questions and no pasting content”, so candidates will not be able to search for answers and copy them.

Verify Candidate’s Identity

Face recognition can be set up and candidates will have to pass the face recognition process to enter the exam. Candidates can not enter the exam if they do not pass the face recognition process, which can prevent paid exam takers.

Intelligent Anti-cheating Monitoring

If Intelligent Anti-cheating Monitoring is set up, multiple candidates, the sound environment, the identity and the small movements of the candidates can all be detected. It can intelligently prevent candidates from cheating.

With these anti-cheating features, to conduct an online exam of high credibility, a proctor is not necessarily required by the online exam software. If you are interested in it, you can have a free trial of online exam software by yourself.

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