Essential Functions For Online Examination About Online Exam Software

Online exam has become a necessary application for schools and educational institutions, which also conforms to the development of educational mode. For users, it is vital to choose a fully functional online exam system. What are the features of an online exam system? What essential functions should a professional online examination system provide?

Online Exam Maker, a mature and stable online education system, is specially designed for online examination and training, with all the functional modules required for online exam. Take Online Exam Maker as an example to introduce you to the necessary functions of the online examination system.

Homepage Design

  • The online exam platform can be formed without downloading software. Users can customize the domain name and build their own brand;
  • Design and set up the homepage. Users can set the header logo, title, advertising image, carousel, content, and bottom information. The content can display the candidate’s login page, exam classification list, course classification list, etc. The bottom information can set the contact information, link and graphic module.

Question Bank Establishment

  • Unlimited number of questions can be added, to form your own question bank;
  • Support adding test questions manually or in batches;
  • Support to add ten types of questions: multiple choice, multiple choice questions, indefinite multiple choice questions, completion, judgment, essay questions, comprehension, matching, sorting and cloze;
  • Support adding picture questions, audio questions, video questions, etc.;
  • Support classifying, setting, modifying and deleting the questions.

Exam Management

  • Support test mode and prize quiz mode.
  • Support multiple exam modes, such as pre-selected questions, random questions and pre+ random questions.
  • Support classifying, setting, modifying and deleting exam papers.
  • Set whether an exam is available for everyone or designated candidates.
  • Support to view exam analysis and records, such as the results, pass rate, error distribution, tester information etc.

Candidate Management

  • Support to set candidate login fields, such as name, student number, ID number, password, etc.;
  • Support adding candidates manually or in batches. Classify candidates, so that they can be designated or informed of the assigned exams.
  • Support to check candidate details,  such as exams taken, accuracy rate, and grade changes etc.
  • Support setting, modifying and deleting candidates.

Exam Marking

  • Set up automatic marking or manual marking. Under normal circumstances, the system automatically marks the examination papers. If marking by keywords are set to essay questions, the system will automatically mark the questions. If not, the administrator needs to manually mark the question in the background.
  • When there are too many exams and candidates, sub-administrators can be added, which can help the main administrator to correct the exams  and manage the exams, candidates, question bank, etc.


  • Face recognition: the test can only be conducted after verification.
  • Limit the number of times that candidates can switch screens or interrupt the exam page
  • Video surveillance: administrators can monitor the candidates in the background in real time, and take snapshots at random.
  • Forcibly occupy the whole screen: candidates cannot switch the screen.
  • Random test questions: the system randomly assigns test questions to candidates, so that each candidate has different questions and random answer orders.
  • Limit the time for answering:  if times up, the page will automatically jump to the next question.
  • Account access settings: the same candidate account can only be logged in on one device at the same time.

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