Can We Use Online Exam System For Online Knowledge Contest?

Online knowledge quizzes can be created with an online exam system. How to develop an online knowledge quiz quickly and efficiently? Many schools, enterprises and government agencies would choose Online Exam Maker to organize knowledge contests. Online Exam Maker, a professional knowledge competition software, supports to  add a variety of test questions.

How to carry out a knowledge contest with Online Exam Maker? After registering an account, the contest can be easily made. There are two ways to create an online knowledge contest:

1. Create An Knowledge Contest Exam:

Firstly, import the questions into the question bank. It can be imported manually or in batches. And then create the knowledge exam. The system supports users to create pre-selected questions and random questions. A variety of parameter settings are included, such as exam access,  time limit,  result page, examination report, examination theme background setting, etc.

Once created, the link or QR code can be shared to the candidates, so that they can have the online knowledge contest!

The rankings will be displayed on the result page to determine the winners directly.

Transcripts, examination records, examination reports in the system can be exported. And the organizer can view more detailed statistical analysis reports.

2. Create An Knowledge Contest Quiz:

Create the quiz mode. Similarly, after selecting the questions in the question bank, create the knowledge quiz. Share the QR code and the candidate can answer the questions.

Background music, theme and time limit can be set to increase the interest of knowledge competition.

The organizers can also view real-time leaderboards and quiz records.

In addition to various basic functions, Online Exam Maker can customized any test according to specific activities, suitable for government agencies, enterprises, schools, and other organizations for knowledge quiz and competition.

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