Ways To Compose An Exam Paper With Online Exam System

No software installation is required, we can now create online exams with online exam system. How to create a test? The most important thing is to choose a professional online examination system. Then set up an exam and share it with the candidates. Among the process, test paper composition is a significant part. Test paper formation is based on the test questions extracted from the question bank, finally form the test paper that accords with user requirement.

In order to meet the needs of different forms of exams, online exam system will provide different test format, such as [pre-selected], [random], and [pre-selected + random].

Now take Online Exam Maker, a professional online examination system, as an example, to introduce these three exam composition ways.

Pre-selected Questions

Pre-selected exam means that all the candidates’ test content is the same. Extract or manually select the required questions from the question bank. In general, the mode of pre-selected is usually used in formal examination, where candidates are tested with the same questions.

Random Questions

The test questions for each candidate are usually different, and the order of the same test questions is different. After choosing the number of questions randomly selected from question bank, the system will generate the testes according to the pre-set rules. Random questions can not only show the diversity of test questions, but also prevent cheating to some extent.

Pre-selected+Random Questions

In an exam paper, if some questions are required and others are random, the “pre + random” mode can be set. This way is flexible and users can set it according to their own needs.

Online Exam Maker covers all these three ways to compose an exam.

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