Online Exam Maker: Useful Exam Solution for Online Recruitment

Exams are one of the effective ways to select candidates. The remote recruitment examination has increased the scope of recruitment of enterprises, and candidates from different places can participate in the examination. With the development of online exam system, conducting online exams will be more and more easily. The problems in conducting exams are deserves our attention. Online Exam Maker will provide effective solutions to the problems.

How to collect candidates’ information?

Before exam, candidates’ information need to be uploaded into test system,so that the applicants can verify their information to login system. Collecting  information is not easy, test organizers need to ensure all information is correct.

candidate information obtained from registration

In Online Exam Maker, to ensure the accuracy of the information, the recruiter can obtain the candidate information by candidate registering for the exam.Candidate information after successful registration will be automatically saved in the examination system. It not only avoids manual collection of information, but also ensures the accuracy of the information.

How to ensure the fairness of the exam?

Regardless of the type of online exam, there will be more cheating behaviors in it. Many candidates will make their to cheat, so enterprises need to take strict and effective anti-cheating measures to ensure fairness of exams.

online exam system

cheating records

There are a variety of anti-cheating features in Online Exam Maker, such as screen switching restrictions, full-screen mode exams, intelligent anti-cheating detection, and more. All anti-cheating records will be saved in the system.

How to analyze test scores?

Data statistics after the exam is extremely complicated, the efficiency of manual data statistics cannot meet the needs of online recruitment exams. In order to shorten the recruitment cycle, objective types of questions such as multiple-choice questions, matching questions and so on will be the best test questions in an exam. In Online Exam Maker, the system will automatically correct the test papers. It only take a few seconds get the test result. n addition, the system will automatically analyze the test data, recruiter can view the grade ranking in the system to select the ones for the next round of interviews.

online exam system

grade ranking

How to inform candidates to take exam?

In order to allow candidates to take the test within the specific time, test organizer will send a test notice to the test taker before the test. If there are a large number of candidates, mass messaging is the best way. In Online Exam Maker, exam organizers can edit and send exam notifications to specific groups of candidates.

As professional online exam system, Online Exam Maker will provide exclusive examination solutions for various industries. If you also need to conduct online recruitment examinations, please click the “Sign up” button at the top right of the page to try the exam functions in Online Exam Maker for free.