Traditional schools embrace online learning as coronavirus forces students to stay at home

Schools and educational institutions in China have to postpone the start of school due to the epidemic. Officials said local governments should arrange the postponement of school open days based on the local epidemic situation.

Traditional schools embrace online learning as coronavirus forces students to stay at home. Some schools in China are now embracing online exam and learning management systems as a method of teaching, as so many students have had to remain at home to minimize human-to-human interaction.

Most teachers have never given online teaching classes, so this is a novelty for them, too. They have to learn to speak naturally in front of a camera, use digital red pens during presentations, and keep the students engaged online via written comments — not an easy feat with young kids or teenagers.

At this time, our online exam system also hopes to help schools around the world solve the problem of online learning examinations, and helps schools quickly build smart campus exam systems!

Our online exam maker support over 1,000 students taking the exam simultaneously. Besides, schools can choose the LAN exam maker which can be accessed via LAN and the internet with higher data security.

Besides, it is flexible to create exams such as forming exams by selecting questions randomly or with fixed questions. Support batch import questions with formulas, pictures, audios, and videos; and support many question types such as multiple Choices, True or False, Fill in Blank, Essay Questions, and Comprehension Questions.


What’s more, our system can reduce teachers’ work stress with its great Statistical Analysis, it supports:

  • Generate accurate test reports and transcripts supporting to export after the test
  • Statistical analysis by test paper, by group, by personnel
  • Statistical analysis according to question types or the right and wrong questions; screen out the difficulties of the question, and facilitate teachers to carry out targeted teaching

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