During COVID-19, how do schools conduct online exams?

In order to do a good job of COVID-19 prevention and control, schools have organized students to use online classrooms and related resources for online learning. Recently, there are still some schools that want to conduct online exams to test the online learning situation of students during this period, and timely check for omissions.

So, during the COVID-19, how do schools conduct online assessments?

In fact, it is very simple for schools to organize online exam, as long as  using our Online Exam Maker, we can perfectly solve the examination problems.

What are the advantages of our online exam system?

(1)Provide Solutions for Different Kinds of Tests

One-stop service for various exams such as monthly exam and final exam; more intelligent anti-cheat functions such as face recognition

(2)One-stop Service for Exams

  • Management of Front-end and back-end with human-based operation
  • Support to inform candidates with messages or emails and organize make-up exam
  • To view taken records,candidates’ information, data of candidates who have taken or missed the exam on the front-end
  • Students can view their exam taking record and wrong question collection on the back-end

(3)Intelligent Anti-cheating Function

Face recognition, camera invigilation, forbid switching screen……A series of anti-cheating ways to make the exam safer!

(4)Intelligent Marking

  • Automatic marking for objective questions; marking according to keywords or artificial marking for subjective questions
  • Error correction function, no need to fear the wrong judgment due to the wrong suggested answers
  • The result page displays answer analysis, current rankings, and exam reports, etc.

(5)Student Management

  • batch import candidates and photos
  • support to charge student when they want to register for your exam or courses
  • Candidates can query score, ranking and exam report by themselves

Our online exam maker meet the basic needs of the school’s examinations, and move offline examinations online. Users can publish online test papers through the system, and at the same time can realize automatic scoring, data analysis, automatic sorting of wrong questions, etc., effectively helping schools organize online exams, helping teachers to timely inspect and master the situation and effect of distance learning during COVID-19.

It is a difficult time for the whole world to fight the epidemic, our Online Exam Maker also hope to play a role in helping the enterprise training and school’s online learning.

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