Recommendation for an online testing software that can import multiple-choice questions

During the covid-19, many exams have been conducted online. For teachers who want to organize exams online, is there any useful online testing software for recommendation? Online Exam Maker is a piece of useful online testing software for teachers to conduct online exams.

How to import questions?

Online Exam Maker is an online testing platform with powerful features. Multiple-choice questions can be imported quite easy in Online Exam Maker. After editing, teachers can select file to upload questions into the system; both Word files and Excel files are supported.

The questions can be imported to the system in batches; the administrator can also add questions one by one to the system. And besides multiple-choice questions, there are many more question types supported by the system.

How to group exam paper?

After importing questions, teachers can start creating an exam. There are four steps to create an exam: fill in basic information; select questions; add settings; finish and release, which is so simple that it can be done within minutes. Three exam paper grouping modes are supported, including fixed(also known as pre-selected) questions, random questions and pre&random questions. To deter students from cheating, random order of questions, random question options as well as random questions can be set by teachers so that students will take the exam of slight difference.

How to prevent cheating effectively?

To prevent students from cheating, there are powerful anti-cheating features provided by Online Exam Maker, for instance, switching screen limit, interruption limit, screen lockdown, no copying or pasting, real-time proctoring, face recognition and intelligent anti-cheating monitoring, which can effectively prevent students from cheating.

Online Exam Maker is a useful online testing platform for teachers to conduct online exams, which also provides a free version for users to have a try. If you are interested in it, why don’t you have a try for free?

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