Is it hard to use online exam system?

In the traditional way, creating an exam paper is tedious and tiring. You need to form an exam by typing different types of questions, and then printing. You need to make a reasonable timetable for all subjects’ examination. You need to ask students to keep an appropriate distance to avoid cheating while examining. You need to assign the marking to teachers.

So! We need an efficient solution! Using the online exam system is easy and friendly-operating!
3 aspects of easy operation of using online exam system.

1 Online Exam Maker is a web-based online exam system.
No download. No installation. Just one-click to the website, sign in and begin to manage exams. If you are a fresher, sign up FREE now would be a good news for you. Some basic functions can be experienced, such as creating exams, carrying out exams with anti-cheating function, personalize background and etc.

2 About exam questions
Quick-management on the Questions Bank.
You can directly add new questions in the system.
And if you have MANY questions need to be uploaded, you can batch import as long as you download the batch import tool we provide.

3 About exams creating
Online exam creating is not that tedious as the traditional way.
With 4 steps, an exam can be successfully produced in a few minutes.
①Online Exam Information
②Add Questions
④Release Online Exam

We have knock down the bricks for you. It is an absolutely easy-operating online exam system.
Sign up is FREE! Question importing is QUICK! Exam creating is at your fingertips!
Don’t hesitate to have a try!