What can Online Exam System do for managing question bank?

What can Online Exam System do for managing question bank?
Here is detailed introduction about the powerful Questions Bank in Online Exam System.

Start saving time with powerful Questions Bank Management:
Manage online exams, quizzes, questionnaires.
Import questions and combine several question types into assessments.
Score answers automatically or manually.
Get prompt result with statistics report and charts.

Questions Management System: Questions Bank
Rationalize the management and setup of exam questions bank to make the work more effectively.

1.Import questions and combine several question types into assessments
Select questions directly or proportionally to form the exam quickly.
Abundant question types:
Basic types: Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, True or False, Fill in the Blank, Cloze, Essay Question, etc.
Expanded types: question with pictures, videos, audios and formulas.

2.Batch Import Questions
Batch import questions with Excel or Word files quickly.
Batch import videos and audios with specific tool we provide
Support to import pictures with Word file
Customize the question scores, labels, or difficulty levels, convenient for selecting.

3.Score answers automatically or manually
For Objective questions: Auto scoring ;
For Subjective questions: Auto scoring by identifying whether the answers contain keywords you have provided;
For Multiple Answer questions: Proportional score will be given if not selecting all right options;
For Fill in the Blank questions: Auto-score each blank;
Support to give the permission to sub administrator to mark exams;
2 ways scoring: score the whole exam or score single question.
Scores and analysis report can be shown after examinee submitting.

4.Questions Bank Management
Manage by classification on different chapters, knowledge points, subjects, etc;
Detailed question analysis on usage rate, accuracy and error rate, option selected rate;
Check whether the questions bank has duplicate questions;
View records of questions importing quantity and importing time;
Questions can be exported for printing detailed analysis of questions’ options and categories.

5.For the Convenience of Examinee Study
Examinee can attend exams on PC or mobile phone;
For Essay Questions: Examinee can answer by uploading audios or pictures;
Statistical analysis for the wrong questions will be given. Examinee can retake;
Open reciting mode to review what have learned;
Examinee have the right to report the questions errors.

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